Saturday, October 18, 2014

I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus

Hola Familia!

(That's Spanish if you couldn't figure it out.)

To be completely honest, I cannot believe it is already Friday. I feel like I was sitting here yesterday emailing home. I have no idea where the week has gone. I didn't think we were that busy until I look back and realize it has been an entire week. 

Some awesome and not so awesome things have happened this week.
I will start with the not so awesome.... They took away the flowers :(   It's like really sad. We were in West Gate the day that they ripped all the flowers up and we just kept watching as little trucks drove by with their back filled to the brim with flowers. And then for the next two days the flower beds were just empty. The giant flower beds in the middle of the square looked like giant freshly dug graves. Yes, I know a horrible analogy but that is what they looked like. Luckily now they finally have little baby flowers in them. 

Okay now for the happy of the week!
First I'll start with the scary/nerve-racking (at least for me, everyone else laughs) moment. We were teaching our investigators, P&C, in the TC when Brother Billings walked in with two other official looking people. (Brother Billings is the one who is over all of the visitor centers in the world, so we see him a lot at Temple Square) It looked like he was giving them a tour or something. Well they walked in right as I was teaching about the Book of Mormon, and Brother Billings points to me and says "this is where the sisters can call and teach their investigators, oh and itlooks like she is teaching", and then they just stood there and watched me. Yep super scary. 
Anyways back to the cool and exciting news.
Sunday night we had a mission fireside. Which apparently never happens, which make sense because they really can't just take all the sisters off the square. But something special happened, which makes me want to live near Temple Square after my mission. Elder Skanky, who is in the mission presidency got in contact with some of the Return Missionary Sisters from Temple Square and asked them to come help us out. A good 45-50 RM sisters came with their name tags and worked the square so we could attend the fireside. It was very cool to walk out onto the square and see all these sisters just contacting people and sharing the gospel with them. I'm sure they all loved to be able to put their name tags back on after being home for a time. 
We had a special guest come for the fireside. Believe it or not it was David Archuleta. I was surprised when I heard only because I didn't believe that a freshly returned missionary, let alone David Archuleta, would come to a mission full of 200 sister missionaries who for the most part are in love with him. But I am so grateful he came. The whole night was a super spiritual experience. He formatted it into a Q&A. So we got to ask questions about his mission, how he has adjusted to being home, and how he keeps up with his investigators and converts when they are in another country. He was able to share a lot of wonderful insights. I can tell that he was an amazing missionary. The thing he mentioned the most that really struck me was how he shared the importance of being like the Savior. He sang the primary song, "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus" and I loved it. I will admit I miss primary because of how simple yet profound everything is. Really, the gospel is a very simple thing. I wish people didn't try to make it so deep and complicated. So really when things get complicated and if you get big deep doctrinal questions like we do all the time, think back to primary :) I'm sure all of the gospel principles can be found in a primary song. 

Today was fun as well. In the morning we had an amazing lesson as always with our investigator M. He is seriously my favorite. He is the one who practically teaches himself. It has been amazing to see how much he has progressed in the gospel since we met him about 4 or 5 weeks ago. We now teach him every p-day, and it is the perfect way to start the day! 
When P-day finally started we had our zone activity. We had a scavenger hunt in a nearby chapel. It was a lot of fun. Pictures to come later. But we broke up into our districts and had different scriptures as clues, one after another until we all ended up in the culture hall for a potluck lunch. 
Fun fact about my mission: It is super diverse, so at the potluck I was able to have food from Thailand, Italy, Australia and  N. America ;) It was super fun and delicious. 

Well that's a piece of my week, you should all send me a piece of your week :D

Love you all!

-Sister Fluckiger

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