Saturday, September 27, 2014

2 Kings 6:16


What a week! Mission time is so weird, like really, it goes by way too fast. I'm sure I say this every time I email home but it's true. 
Can you believe that conference is next weekend? I'm a little scared haha, all the sisters here have warned me about how crazy it is, it should be fun. Luckily we have p-day on Friday so I think next p-day we are just going to sleep all day in preparation for conference. We get to go to one session, and I cannot wait. Chicken Pox will not stop me from going to this conference :) 

We were able to teach a lot of lessons this week in the TC. I love it, it's so fun and exciting to teach. It's especially fun to teach when they are expecting it. The people who come to the square don't usually expect us to teach so when we call investigators and they had been waiting for you to call, that's exciting. We had what we call a TC pump up this week and it produced miracles. We met as a district in the TC and we said a prayer together and then we just went through our entire area book and called everyone. I mean everyone, and let me tell you: faith can produce miracles. One particular person that I got a hold of was a less-active, K. She was so sweet and so fun to talk too. Turns out that she has been going to church and institute every week. She's slowly turning her life around by making friends in church and by not hanging out with the wrong group of friends anymore. She's been struggling with her personal prayers though, but she had a sincere desire to strengthen them so it didn't feel like she was praying to a wall. I've decided that prayer is my favorite thing to teach right now. I just love telling people that we have the ability to talk with our literal Father in Heaven. People just don't realize or understand that God is our Father, He is our loving Dad. And I love telling them that. What I love telling people even more is that prayer is the way that we get to talk to our Heavenly Father. I mean if you really knew who He was, and who He was to you, why wouldn't you want to talk with Him. After explaining prayer to K, you could really feel that she felt the spirit. I don't think she really understood what prayer was until now and she was so excited to start praying again. You can really feel and hear when people are committed to the gospel and it just brings so much energy. 
Another miracle of this week, I don't know if I told you about our investigator, M, that we met on chat last week. He's meeting with sisters and he came on chat to have a few questions clarified. We got his information so now we are also staying in contact with him and teaching him. He is a miracle by himself. He has only been meeting with missionaries for about two weeks and he has progressed so much! He went to church on Sunday and loved it, and earlier this week he took a trip to the temple. The temple closest to him has a visitor center so he was able to walk around that and learn a lot. He grew up without religion completely. It's a little hard for him because all of his friends are atheists and he has been a little scared to tell them that he's investigating the church, but when we talked with him last he told us that he had told his mom and a few of his friends and they had all reacted great! I love listening to him on the phone, he is really talkative and loves sharing the many experiences he has had. Even better he is able to recognize all the miracles and blessings that have walked into his life since he started learning about the church. The field really is white already to harvest. We're preparing him for baptism and we think he can be ready pretty soon, we're hoping that the local missionaries have talked with him about it because we have only been able to talk with him a little concerning it. The only concern he has is his girlfriend who he is living with right now. He wants to get married but he wants to wait till after he finished school so that they can start a family. So we're just trying to help him understand that even more blessings will come into his life as he starts living all of the commandments, including being baptized, sooner rather than later. 

Some amazing things that also happened this week was our Relief Society meeting on Thursday morning. Michael Otterson (sp?) came and spoke to us. He is the managing director for the Public Affairs organization for the church. He shared with us some principles we can use when answering questions and how we can discern when a question is sincere or not. It was super interesting and I loved it. The best part was, in the middle of the meeting his personal assistant walked in and handed him a sticky note. He stopped and read it and then apologized, told us that Elder Holland was trying to get a hold of him. Haha he then looked at us and told us, "Better not keep an apostle waiting" He then excused himself to go call Elder Holland. How crazy is that!? I think I forget that I live next door to the church office building and the church administrative building. As he was walking out of the theater we all yelled for him to tell Elder Holland that we all say hi. Later he came back and finished the meeting, but it was a very funny and exciting interruption.
Also on Sunday we got to watch a broadcast of the Ogden Temple re-dedication. It was broadcast-ed to a theater in the conference center for the sisters. I felt really special :) I am so grateful that we got to go. Especially because I remember the Sacramento Temple Dedication but not really. Elder Holland spoke at the session we attended, after that I am no super excited for conference. I love being able to listen to our living Prophet and Apostles. How blessed we are to live in a time with prophets and temples. Temples are the place where we can go to receive 'celestial parenting' from our celestial parents. Temples are our heavenly home away from our real Heavenly Home. I love the Temple, and I hope that everyone can see how blessed we are to have them on the earth. One thing that President Eyring shared with us in closing (he conducted the session) was that every time a temple is built and dedicated on the earth the power of the adversary is lessened. 2 Kings 6:16, we are on the winning team, why fear?

I love you all! Oh and I'll let you in on a little secret. We were downstairs in Scriptures and Revelations and we saw a little boy with his family, he was maybe 4 or 5. He ran up to the exhibit with Mormon and the plates, saw the plates and ran to his mother yelling "Mom, Mom, Mom I found the real gold plates!" I don't know how the little boy figured it out that we had the real ones but just in case you were wondering where they were :)--haha

-Sister Fluckiger

Saturday, September 20, 2014

One Happy Family

Hello Fluckigers!

Am I proud to be a Fluckiger or what. I know my whole life I have always joked how the second I get married I am getting rid of the name because well, it's a unique name. But I really am proud and super grateful to be a part of this family. So many times people see my name tag and scream: no way! They then go on and on about a Fluckiger they know and how they are the most amazing people they have ever met. Even though the majority of the time I don't know who they are talking about I am so proud to be part of a family who make such an impact on the people around the world. I wish you could see their faces when they talk about how amazing you are and what a great example you always were. So thank you to all the Fluckigers for being so amazing and for being a light for the world to look to. It's an honor to wear our name along with the name of our Savior on my heart everyday for the world to see.

I love being a missionary! Talk about the best decision ever, and I still am so grateful everyday to have been called to the Salt Lake Temple Square Mission. I get to say good morning to the temple everyday. It is a beautiful place, and it's even more beautiful when you understand the love and sacrifice that came from all the members of the church at that time to build it. The early members of the church were amazing, how lucky am I to serve in their home. I love them and am so amazed by their faith. Just the other day, Sister Bomgren and I were talking about the pioneers and everything they had to go through. We talked about their love, diligence, faith, and then just a few of the many miracles that happened all throughout the early years of the church. It was a beautiful, and powerful discussion. It's fun how much we learn from each other and from the spirit. I think that a lot of those miracles came from the work and help of individuals on the other side of the veil. Helping them along because they saw the big picture and they didn't want them to give up. I bet you some of those individuals were us. Helping our family cross the plains because we knew the happy ending that was coming for them and for us. We wanted them to make it because we wanted to live in a time where we could have the gospel of Jesus Christ and live in peace. And now the roles are reversed. I know that our ancestors are on the other side of the veil doing everything they can to help us. They are
cheering us on, and when things get hard, they're whispering to us that we can do it and that we are strong enough. As a missionary we get to feel this all the time. Just this morning we were talking about Temple Work and how so many of our ancestors are just waiting for us to do their work, and this is just the gospel according to Sister Fluckiger, but I think our ancestors love missionaries. Because we are finding and teaching their descendants and helping them into the waters of baptism so that eventually they will be able to enter the waters of baptism for their ancestors on the other side of the veil. So really, like everything in life, it's just one eternal round. We help them, they help us. That way we truly are one happy family. So there's my testimony for the week. As members of the church, both on the earth and those who passed, we are all just walking each other home, to our Heavenly Home.

As for a quick update on the logistics side. Monday was transfer conference, that was crazy! Haha it's days like that when I realize that we have such a girl mission. For those of you who have been to
girls camp it is very similar. Lots of screaming, cheering, and crying haha. I also realized just how different we are from other missions. The reason we have so many changes every transfer is because we have so many sisters coming and going each transfer. We have new sisters and departing sisters, and then we having returning outbound sisters and going outbound sisters. To add to all of that we have so many assignments and callings that are very unique to our mission. So it's hard for anything to say the same for longer than two transfers. But, our prayers have been answered! Sister Bogmren and I are staying together, yay. I wasn't really worried but right before our zone leaders announced us Sister Bomgren leaned over to me and told me she got nervous all of a sudden. So of course I got nervous. But there was no need haha. Everything is the same, same assignment, same district and zone, the only thing that is different is that we moved apartments. Yay and nay for that. We live in a different apartment complex but it's fun because the majority of the sisters live there. And a lot of the sisters who were in my MTC class are on the same floor as me. So that's fun, it really is like an eternal girls camp. Wednesday was transfer day and that was crazy. We got new sisters from the MTC and sisters returning from outbound. Yes that was a day full of screaming. I was talking with Sister Hernandez (Canada), she is a class above me, and we talked about how we couldn't wait until we knew all the sisters returning from outbound. Sister Hernandez than promised that she would be there to greet me at the airport when I got back. Yay! So on transfer days, we have no studies and no TC time because a lot of sisters are driving back and forth from the airport so we have to have everyone on the square to make up the difference of the missing sisters. Oh my goodness, it was crazy. Talking with people all day long and being overly happy can be exhausting. Who knew. I joked with one of the sisters who is in one of the last transfers that maybe eventually I would get used to all of this. She just laughed, she said the longer you are out on your mission the more tired you get. So that was reassuring, the TMSQ mission really is a go go go mission, I love it. :)

Well everything is fine and dandy here. Still hot and icky outside. I actually want fall to come. Leaves have started to fall though so I have a feeling it is coming soon. :) I love the people, I love the place, and I love my mission.

And I love you!

Sister Fluckiger

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Christmas in August


Wow does time sure fly, I feel like just yesterday I was sitting at the computer emailing you.  My week has been super fun. As for the weather...funny I thought serving in such a 'normal' place as Salt Lake City that I wouldn't get that question too often. Apparently, a lot of people want to know this week haha. I have loved the weather. It's been a bit bipolar, really hot one day, stormy the next and then back to the heat. It's like the weather is trying to decide if fall should come but then changes its mind, again and again. The thunderstorms have been amazing (and yes mother I did just say that). I never new moving away and going on a mission would make me love thunderstorms. It must just be that I always think "Mom would love this weather right now". Really though, we've had lightening and thunder, thunder so loud I'm surprised we aren't all deaf. Sister Bomgren doesn't like the rain that much though, she loves the sun! I always go through this internal conflict when it starts to sprinkle
and get cloudy because I just want to stay outside and jump in puddles and well Sister Bomgren sticks to her umbrellas :D

It's been another miraculous week. I'm super excited for next transfer because we should be given more time to be in the Teaching Center since summer is over and basically the square is just dead. It seems all of our miracles recently have been happening in the TC. We got some referrals from the Odgen Temple Open House and I contacted them this week, they both requested local missionaries so I already sent their info to the local missionaries but then tried to call them. One didn't answer but the other did. Turns out he's a member and doesn't even remember filling out a referral card requesting to learn more from missionaries..a bit awkward, but he then goes on to refer his inactive little sister. Yay. Before we said goodbye he made a comment about how he never thought to refer her before but that her name just popped in his mind when we asked if he knew anyone we could teach. Inspiration from the Holy Ghost! A Coincidence? I think not. Amazing how the Spirit works. We haven't got a hold of the sister yet, but we don't give up so easily. That's the only thing I don't like about the TC, a lot of people just don't answer their phones. We hear a lot of answering machines lately. I even think I could quote the Swedish answering machine I hear it so often. My roommate, Sister Tiritelli (Southern California) keeps reminding me that our investigators have lives. Haha it's true, I think I tend to forget that individuals who are not missionaries actually have lives. Woops. So I'm trying to keep that in prospective this week while we are in the TC. Another miracle, we have started taking chats while we are in West Gate because it's so much slower and just yesterday a lady came on and just told me that she visited a LDS church and now wants to meet with local missionaries. She then just gave me all her information. Piece of cake! Unfortunately the chat disconnected on accident right before I could testify and invite... but I have her information and we send the local missionaries to her house. Every time experiences like that happen it just increases my testimony that there really are people who are prepared for this message. They are ready and willing to learn about the gospel. I think I sometimes forget that because there are just as many people who either feel like they don't need religion or that they are 'already saved'. That's why it is so important to just open your mouth to everyone. You never know who is ready.

Christmas, Christmas is everywhere :) we started listening to Christmas music this week at home. So fun, it feels like I'm back at home singing Christmas songs with Sean. I don't know if I told her but
they are already putting up Christmas lights when I got here. Awesome! Each day I see them working on another tree. I'm trying to figure out their order but it doesn't seem like they have one. One day
they will be working on the east side and then the next they will be working on a completely separate tree over near the west gate. They also have started the lights at the conference center. That's super
fun, it's rare that we walk home when it's dark because we leave so early but this week and a few times last week we did studies on the square so we got to see some of the lights. I keep wanting to sing "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.." :D And believe it or not I bought a Christmas present today! And I won't tell who it's for but they are going to love it!

A funny story from West Gate this week, I'm not sure if I shared this from a few weeks earlier but there's a man who came up to West Gate to talk with us, he reminds me a lot of Brother Gallacher. Just super sweet, funny and talkative man. He just about talked my ear off the first time. He told me all about his son and how he's an RM who is now living in Texas in the Air Force. Okay yes, it did seem a bit like he was trying to sell his son but it was still super fun. He asked me if I like hiking and things and of course that led to a whole new conversation about hiking and camping and how his son loves the outdoors. Well he had a stack of postcards that were already stamped and addressed and he has been asking different sisters to write his son. (what a classic dad) and he gave me one to write. Well yesterday he walked past West Gate again and came to talk to me and see how everything was going. He asked a few questions about what the mission was like and what we did. He then gave us a super sweet compliment, he told us that he believed that the Lord only sends the best spirits to serve at Temple Square because so many people come from all over the world and sometimes being at Temple Square is their first experience with the church, and sometimes they just walk through but it's the smiles of the sweet sisters and the spirit that they carry that leave the impressions for them to learn more. Super sweet of him and it just made my day. He then went on to tell another story on a conversation he had with an anti. Those conversations are always the best because when they are not
missionaries they can even be more bold and he just rocked it haha.

Can I just say that we are super taken care of in this mission. It is awesome. Tuesday was President Poulsen's Birthday, so we all surprised him and sung and had a mini party in the mission office. That was super fun. President is so funny, I just love it. After singing he thanked us all and gave us cake and ice cream and then said 'hey look, everyone is here, we should have a meeting' We of course all agreed and chanted to have another zone conference because everything he shares with us is always amazing. Of course we had work to do so it was a short and quick get together. That evening I did get to go to Lyon House for dinner to celebrate passing off. It was so delicious! We went with 3 other companionships of sisters from my class. We had so much fun. How blessed am I to be in a mission where you see the same sisters everyday. I see the sisters in my MTC class almost everyday. It's fantastic, because we'll be together for our entire mission.  Which will make it even harder when we all go home, but who needs to think of that yet haha.

Thursday Mornings we have Relief Society and this week we had to have it super early because it was also the outbound meeting. So fun. We had two sisters who are professors of nutrition over at BYU come and talk to us about eating healthy. It was super fun, there's something about the subject of nutrition that is super interesting to me. I'm grateful though because they were able to apply it to us as missionaries. They told just the basic things we need to make sure we eat everyday but then they were able to show us how since we literally have no time to cook. I cook on P-days to last me the week. I don't know if I told you that I made enchiladas last week. The sisters in my apartment freaked out because it was so good :) So to answer Grandma, I am eating food other than goldfish haha. Actually Sister Bomgren eats super healthy so it's kind of hard to eat badly. I haven't even been able to open any of the sweets people have mailed me yet. And believe it or not, but cooking isn't so bad. (wow mom, a mission really does change a person) It's probably my favorite part of P-day. But I'll admit I've been cooking the same recipes over and over. The professors that talked to us on Thursday though gave us a simple recipe book thing on how to cook different meats and what you can do to them. So that will be what I am trying today. As for the outbound meeting, that was super fun. Filled with lots of screaming and tears. I learned about how our outbound assignments are made. I don't know how I thought they did it before but what happens is President will pick the sisters who will be going outbound the next transfer and he will submit all their names and their information and it all goes back to the missionary department and the apostles assign us a mission. The same way that we got called to Temple Square, super cool huh? So we literally get two mission calls. I made a comment to Sister Bomgren that the Apostles must get super familiar with our faces then since they see it twice. We serve outbound for two transfers, so 3 months and then come back to Temple Square. President likes sisters to have at least 2 transfers left when they get back from outbound so it's common to go in your 7 or 8th transfer. But because I'm serving for 13 transfers I might go a little later, but we'll see.

Oh and the transfer is over on Wednesday... weird. So just a warning, I may miss a P-day next week. Pray and cross your fingers that I don't, but I've heard that things change pretty frequently each transfer. I am confident that Sister Bomgren will still be my companion though because President Poulsen really likes having trainees with the same trainer for the full two transfers, but it's not uncommon to be given a follow-up trainer; but President also likes other sisters to be together for two transfers, never usually more than that. Everything else has a tendency to change. Your given assignments for about two transfers in a row, so I'm hoping I'll still be in West Gate next transfer but this is Sister Bomgren's 2nd transfer in it so maybe not. We are for sure moving though because the
apartment we are currently living in was only rented for the summer because we have more sisters on the square during the summer season and because so many sisters are going outbound the apartment just won't be needed. Yay for moving.
So that's my week. I know more happened, I need top get better at
righting things down or bringing my journal to email.

Love you all!

Sister Fluckiger

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Summer is Over!



Ya that's hello in Swedish if you were wondering. And to answer the next question, that's all I can really say, that and goodbye, but I'm learning. Haha only took me a transfer to learn hello and goodbye. This week has been fantastic! To share the fun adventure of the week, last Friday after emailing I went with Sister Desjourdy (Canada) and Sister Gearheart (USA) to Leatherbys for dinner and ice cream. Well the four of us have all only been there once and so we didn't really know where it was, so we had Guest Services, which is similar to West Gate, but they are the ones people call ahead of time to schedule tours and investigator lessons in advance, and they gave us directions on how to get there. It was suppose to be only a 25 min drive and we were only scheduled to have the car for 2 hours. Do you think you can guess at how long it took us to get there? An hour and a half. We were so lost and turned around it wasn't even funny. Well, actually it was really funny. We called guest
services twice and both times they supposedly gave us directions from where our current location was to the restaurant. I don't know what happened but we could not find it. We eventually had to pull over and ask for directions. We did find it, and was able to enjoy delicious ice cream without having to worry about getting back. The sweet FLEET team, the sisters in charge of the cars, allowed us to have one more hour since no one was scheduled for our car after us. But Dad, so you know, I was not driving. I was not the ones who got us lost. I'm not saying I would have gotten us there, I'm just glad I wasn't the one who got us lost.

Sunday was my first chance that I had to announce after Music and the Spoken Word, super scary! This was the first Sunday that it was back in the Tabernacle, which means the summer season is officially over. Anyways, announcing is just when a group of the sisters stand outside the Tab holding a sign with your language on it with a microphone and you take turns saying something involving, welcoming them to the square, explaining that we have tours and that we would love to give you one and some other stuff but you get the point. It was super fun, but really scary. There was a ton of people! And my sweet companion told me to not really expect anyone after to want a tour, sometimes there's a English tour and sometimes not. We had things to do
afterward so we actually planned on not giving one, but of course the second the presentation was over English speaking people flocked towards me for a tour. Of course I also couldn't find my companion so I might have panicked a little, but Sister Trusgillio (Italy) saved me, we
went on exchanges and she gave the tour with me. It was actually a super fun tour and I'm glad we did it. We had over 25 people in the tour and there's something about sharing your testimony with that many people that is just super cool. The individuals were super receptive as well with lots of good questions, we were actually thinking that a few of them might refer. Afterward a cute couple came up to me to thank me for the tour, they were members and they went on to tell me that their daughter was serving a mission and would be home in December, the Mom started to tear up as we talked about missions and her daughter. Got to give her a hug, I hope that helped her in some way and didn't just make her miss her daughter more. She did make my day though, I love missionary moms :D

Before I forget, I do need to share the 'Alyssa' moment of the week. Monday was a holiday if any of you were wondering, it was Labor Day. Well, living in the missionary world with you contact with the outside 'real' world I actually had no idea that it was a holiday. I barely realized it was September. So one sister made a comment to me in passing that the Humanitarian center was closed because of the holiday, I guess I just didn';t pay any attention to it. But anyways the square was super super busy with people. I just didn't understand why it was so busy because the last few days had been so dead since school has started. I finally asked a family while I was working the Temple Construction Desk. They were members so I felt a little less asking them, but I covered up my flag and I told them they were allowed to laugh at me but they needed to try to pretend that I wasn't from the States, and then I asked them if it was a holiday and if it was what holiday was it? Yes, everyone back home can laugh at the fact that I totally forgot all about Labor Day. Even though I wear a missionary nametag,
I guess I'm still the same ditzy, sometimes ridiculous Alyssa haha.

The rest of the week was still busy busy. It is weird now that summer is over. The square is so dead. I'm glad I came in the middle of summer though, hectic as it was. I think it helped me learn a lot
faster with so many different opportunities to talk with people and to give tours. Now it's like a race with the sisters to get a tour because the number is so much smaller day by day. I've been told it'll
be dead for the next 2 or 3 weeks and then it should pick back up for conference. I'm told for conference we have no assignments, like no TC time for the two days straight. Just square all day from 8am-9pm. I don't even think we have studies for those two days. We just talk to everyone we see and pray that our feet and legs don't fall off. But the cherry on the top of all this, is that the day after conference is all over I've been told we get to sleep in till like 8 or 9. Talk about the best mission in the world.

We got some new investigators this week which is always exciting. It's funny though, sometimes guys will talk to us on the square and I'll think they are interested in the gospel because they'll have really good questions about the church and missionary work and why we chose to become missionaries and things like that. But when the conversation is over Sister Bomgren just laughs and tells me that she thinks that the individual was just flirting with us. So not fair! And I don't even know how I don't notice. One time something good came of it though, the guy started off with flirting with us, again I couldn't tell, but then he ended up referring and asking if he could read the Book of Mormon. The Church is true everybody. I'm super glad that he referred because I had told Sister Bomgren that at some point something good would have to happen from us just bearing testimony
from someone who just came up to talk to us because they thought we were cute. Bam, it happened. Hopefully he'll answer when we call him next week though. I'll admit I now understand what it feels like to be a telemarketer. Lately no one answers their phones. I am so tired of hearing individuals voice mails. We had one investigator who we called a few weeks ago for the first time. We found her name,W,  in our area book and just decided to give her a call. She answered and we learned that she had met with missionaries before, and that she knew the church was true. What every missionary wants to hear. We committed her to baptism and she said yes. I'm sure I've told you about her before. Anyway we have called W like a million times since we last talked to her and committed her to baptism and nothing. She hadn't even answered out text messages. We sent the local missionaries to her but because we couldn't get a hold of her we had no idea if the LM had even got in contact with her. I'll admit I was so worried. I was so happy that she wanted to be baptized and I loved her so much for her testimony but I was so scared that something had happened since we talked with her
that made her not want to join the church anymore and she was just too scared to tell us. Or even worse, she got in some car accident or something, yes now I understand how mom felt when we didn't answer our phones back home. Well to the miracle part. We were in TC earlier this week and we were just about to leave. We had a few minutes left and had already called everyone we had planned for and at the last minute Sister Bomgren had the idea to call W. So of course we were like what the heck, I mean we had already called her so many times. She answered! I almost cried when I heard her on the other line. We were so happy. She apologized for not getting back to us, she had been really busy with work and school. And I totally understood, going to school full time and having two jobs, yep I could relate. But it gets better, she then goes on the tell us that she'll be meeting with the LM the next evening! Prayers are answered. I don't know how to tell you how hard we have been praying for W to have her answer the phone and still have a desire to get baptized. We're calling her after church on Sunday to see how it all went. Hopefully if things continue to work out we'll have a baptism in the future. The closer I get to having to get off the computer the more things I remember I want to share with you, guess who gets to eat for free at the Lyon's House next week?! I do! haha, I passed of four tours, and the prize is a free meal there. I'm super excited. I'm not really sure the purpose to have to pass off now besides allowing the zone leaders to know exactly where I'm at. It used to be that  you can't give tours until you pass it off but that's no longer how it is. So I've actually
been giving tours since my first day. But we get a free meal. We're planning on going with Sister Mahoney (Canada) and Sister Andre, (England) her trainer. I've been told it's delicious so I'm pretty
excited. To celebrate right after though Sister Bogmren took me to Nauvoo Cafe for dinner and then Far's for dessert. Delish.

Oh, and real quick. For everyone that has written me a letter recently, I am so sorry that I haven't written you back yet. P-Day's are super busy and they are the only days we can write letters. I
usually have time for maybe one or two each week. So just be patient with me please :) and continue to write me. Mail is the best! And is makes me smile.

Love you all lots! and Happy Labor Day ;)

-Sister Fluckiger