Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Excitement

Words cannot express the amount of things/work that we accomplished this week. 
So here are some pictures instead:

A lost sheep who is no longer lost :)-  I found him a year ago when I was companions with Sister Fingerle

We took the Organ tour Christmas morning!
Following the tour we gathered together as a mission and had a Christmas Devotional and then went and opened presents together!

YAY...Santa came and visited us :D

We had to buy 30 pizzas the day after Christmas....luckily the Lord provides a way...
He provided Costco...

That's all the fun things that happened this week, I won't bore you with all the meetings and office work. 
However, the Lord really did provide for us this week with our investigators! They are all doing wonderful and all made it to church yesterday and some of them are preparing for baptism now! Yesterday was our day that we prayed to be able to get a hold of every single one of them and they actually ALL answered the phone! (that never happens!) God sure is good!
We also had time this week to go on some exchanges with the Zone Leaders, it was fun, I served with Sister Sonku (South Africa) and Sister O'Dell (Maryland) for the day. Sure learned a lot from them and probably laughed a little bit too much. Then this morning we had a special training with Brother Billings who works in the Missionary Department and is over all the Visitor Centers - we will be going down to the MTC for a special training with the new Visitor Center Directors and Mission Presidents - and he was able to give us a wonderful compliment of telling us that we don't have the 'missionary voice'! This might sound weird, but it's a real thing and we don't like it because, to me at least, everyone who has the voice sounds like a robot. So to anyone who is preparing to serve a mission, don't fall into it! It's not cool.
Okay, well it's short and sweet but we have to run, we are spending most of our preparation day today in meetings. I love you all and hope you had a wonderful Christmas filled with the Spirit of our Savior.
Love you lots!!
Sister Fluckiger 

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