Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hey Momma and Daddy!
Just quick and short, they gave us a few minutes to email home to let you know that we're alive, and well :) 
We leave tomorrow morning at 6:00am, (August6th) we go to the airport first to drop off the missionaries leaving and then we head over to the square!! AAAHHH I am so excited to meet my trainer and my Mission President. So we don't know when our next P-Day is. It can be anyday from Monday to Friday. So just watch for me I guess. 
As far as I know, we get there and go to City Creek first to get all the things we supposedly need, and then after that go back to the square for like hours long orientation about the square and we get our name tags and flags and all that jazz. 
I of course will let you know how it all goes.
I love you and really appreciate all the letters, emails, and prayers for me. 

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