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Can you believe this week is already almost over? Like what? Things are so busy I always forget what day it is and then bam, it's a new week. I hope everyone back home is staying righteously busy ;) I've learned that being busy is good but only if you're busy doing the things of the Lord. Which is the life of a missionary.

This was the first week in my new schedule being at West Gate. I love it, but still adjusting. It can be very stressful and sometimes I'm pretty sure me and Sister Bomgren forget to breathe but we're alive and well. So I'm scheduled in West Gate right now and just a brief explanation at what we do, whenever individuals on the square want a tour the sisters call west gate and then we email out a mass text to all the sisters currently on the square at that hour to see who can take it. What's stressful about it is during Summer (of course the busiest time of the year) everyone in the world wants a tour and well sometimes sisters aren't available. So ya it gets stressful sometimes but it is also really fun. It's an easy and fast way for me to learn all of the sisters names and to really see just how hard working we need to be as temple square missionaries. What's hard about it and what I'm still adjusting too is before we switched zones and schedules we were on the square almost all day and I loved it. We got to talk to so many people, teach tons of different lessons and take lots of tours. Now because of our west gate assignment square time is sacred and privileged because we never have it. But what Sister Bomgren keeps telling me is that we are helping the other sisters have miracles and find investigators. All is well!

Besides West Gate this week has been great. One of our investigators, Paul, has a baptismal date set in October, we have been trying to get a hold of him since I have arrived and each time we called him he was always walking out the door. So finally on Wednesday he had time to sit down for a lesson, he's a really sweet old man and while we were talking with him we were trying to figure out what the local missionaries have been teaching him. Our goal was to teach him about baptism and then Sister Bomgren really wanted me to invite him to be baptized. So when we asked him if the LM had discussed baptism he said in his really cute southern accent 'of course we've talked about baptism, I'm getting baptized!' Sister Bomgren and I were speechless, we were so happy and surprised we just looked at each other and silently laughed. It's a good thing we teach over the phone, so our investigators never have to see our reactions because neither one of us are very good at keeping straight faces :)

We had tons of other awesome lessons too, we're teaching a less-active family who are super sweet and has a sincere desire to change their lives around, they've been progressing fantastically. We met them at Map Desk, which we like to call Miracle Desk because so many miracles always start there. We're also teaching a woman from Russia who's visiting the states for a few weeks along with some other people we are still trying to get a hold of.
Earlier this week we got to spend some time on the square before going home, and I don't know if I've shared this with you before but we run into elders quite a lot from the surrounding missions. They bring their investigators and do a lesson with sisters here. We have been trying to get an investigator lesson (that's what we call it) scheduled with us but so far no luck. Hopefully soon though because if the investigator you teach gets baptized and they invite you President allows us to go to the baptism! Speaking of investigator lessons one night we were getting ready to head home but we realized we still had like 5 minutes so we decided to walk the square to see if we could talk with anyone. We walked up to the Christus and saw some elders and sisters teaching an investigator lesson, and I knew one of the elders! It was Elder Shayne Simmons! It was so good to see him. We hung around for a few minutes because they were finishing up the lesson, so we got to talk to him for a few. I can't believe he's almost been out a year, that sure went by fast, doesn't seem like that long at all. It was really fun to see and talk with him even if it was brief. That's the life of a missionary, always someplace to be and someone to teach. But on temple square the world is very small, it's been fun to find all the different connections we have with different people.

Oh I also got to have an amazing meeting this morning with the AP's and President. They call it the Living Christ meeting. They do it every transfer with the new sisters. Talk about powerful! There is definitely an amazing spirit with us always, I think it's the combination of 200 missionaries all serving within the same 35 acres and then add to that the 35 acres are dedicated grounds. But before the meeting we were invited to read the Living Christ and pick out our favorite part and then write our testimony on the back of it. I read it like three times before the meeting and each time I had a new favorite part, I'm sure that is something that will continue throughout my mission and my life. It is such a powerful and beautifully written testimony on the divinity of Christ. If you haven't read it recently, you should.( I love it and I know that you will too. In the meeting President shared a few words and then we just went around and we all shared our favorite part and then shared our testimony on Christ. Of course it's a meeting full of girls so we all cried. But they were all happy tears. One sister made a comment about the atonement that I absolutely love, she was saying how the atonement, even though it involved an unmeasurable amount of pain for the Savior, should be a rejoicing subject, a happy thing. In the words of Sister Fluckiger, a happy dance :) I love Jesus Christ and I am so honored to represent Him.

We also had our P-Day miracle this morning. Some Sisters always think that nothing exciting happens on P-day because there's not much time to be on the Square or in the TC but so far we have had a P-Day miracle each P-Day (of course this is only our second one together but I have faith it will continue). Today's miracle was we were in the TC looking through our area book. We had already taught all of our scheduled appointments and we still had about 10 minutes left scheduled. So we scanned our area book looking for someone to call. And of course we called someone, her name is Whitney, she's 17 years old and a friend of hers went online and referred her to the Temple Square missionaries. Her info got transferred to us because the sister who was going to call her got called outbound. So we called her, talked with her, found out that she was absolutely golden. I invited her to be baptized and she said yes! No joke! We were so surprised, the two of us just stared at each other holding each other by our arms and just prayed that we wouldn't scream. I'm sure it was a little awkward on Whitney's side of the phone because after she said yes we were just silent... no response no nothing. We did not know what to say we were so shocked. But we composed ourselves enough to finish the lesson, but I'm sure you all can imagine what I did the second we hit end call. Yep we both jumped out of our seats screaming. Such a wonderful experience. It was such a short powerful lesson. Nothing was prepared, everything was directly by the Spirit. It's remarkable how unified Sister Bomgren and I are already. Both of us received the same promptings about what we needed to ask her and what we needed to invite her to do. Beautiful experience. Life is so much better and full of so much more happiness when it is led by the Spirit.
After that our P-Day just got better, we celebrated by going to lunch at Bocata :) an amazing sandwich shop. Thank you Sister Fryer! And then we met up with our district and zone leaders and went on a sight-seeing bus. So much fun! The bus didn't have a roof so we actually stood the majority of the time and we just drove around Salt Lake City. It was fun to see other parts of the city, I've only been out a few weeks and I already understand when Sisters who have been out over a year talk about how foreign they still feel because visitors will ask us where something is or where a good tourist spot is besides the square and none of us ever know. Our mission and life literally only exists on 35 acres. That's it, yay for having the smallest yet largest mission in the world! So we got to see the capital, some really cool old looking chapels, drove through Utah Sate and then when to Heritage Park along with some other places. It was a lot of fun, Sister V our district leader was just waving to everyone. It became very comical because there was only two other people on the bus with us, so driving around everyone was just staring at this group of sister missionaries standing up on this sight seeing tour bus.
After the tour we all went and got frozen yogurt. It's like I'm already back home, the frozen yogurt place it right across the street from the Square. But they do this awesome thing, you get a small bowl and for about 2 dollars you can have as much frozen yogurt as you can pile on. I swear Sister Lytle, another Sister in our district got hers almost a mile high. It was ridiculous but absolutely delicious. Definitely a place we will be going again.
I love you all and am so happy when I get to hear from you, thank you all for the lovely letters and packages. It's like Christmas all year round. You're all the bestest!
                        -Sister Fluckiger

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