Saturday, September 27, 2014

2 Kings 6:16


What a week! Mission time is so weird, like really, it goes by way too fast. I'm sure I say this every time I email home but it's true. 
Can you believe that conference is next weekend? I'm a little scared haha, all the sisters here have warned me about how crazy it is, it should be fun. Luckily we have p-day on Friday so I think next p-day we are just going to sleep all day in preparation for conference. We get to go to one session, and I cannot wait. Chicken Pox will not stop me from going to this conference :) 

We were able to teach a lot of lessons this week in the TC. I love it, it's so fun and exciting to teach. It's especially fun to teach when they are expecting it. The people who come to the square don't usually expect us to teach so when we call investigators and they had been waiting for you to call, that's exciting. We had what we call a TC pump up this week and it produced miracles. We met as a district in the TC and we said a prayer together and then we just went through our entire area book and called everyone. I mean everyone, and let me tell you: faith can produce miracles. One particular person that I got a hold of was a less-active, K. She was so sweet and so fun to talk too. Turns out that she has been going to church and institute every week. She's slowly turning her life around by making friends in church and by not hanging out with the wrong group of friends anymore. She's been struggling with her personal prayers though, but she had a sincere desire to strengthen them so it didn't feel like she was praying to a wall. I've decided that prayer is my favorite thing to teach right now. I just love telling people that we have the ability to talk with our literal Father in Heaven. People just don't realize or understand that God is our Father, He is our loving Dad. And I love telling them that. What I love telling people even more is that prayer is the way that we get to talk to our Heavenly Father. I mean if you really knew who He was, and who He was to you, why wouldn't you want to talk with Him. After explaining prayer to K, you could really feel that she felt the spirit. I don't think she really understood what prayer was until now and she was so excited to start praying again. You can really feel and hear when people are committed to the gospel and it just brings so much energy. 
Another miracle of this week, I don't know if I told you about our investigator, M, that we met on chat last week. He's meeting with sisters and he came on chat to have a few questions clarified. We got his information so now we are also staying in contact with him and teaching him. He is a miracle by himself. He has only been meeting with missionaries for about two weeks and he has progressed so much! He went to church on Sunday and loved it, and earlier this week he took a trip to the temple. The temple closest to him has a visitor center so he was able to walk around that and learn a lot. He grew up without religion completely. It's a little hard for him because all of his friends are atheists and he has been a little scared to tell them that he's investigating the church, but when we talked with him last he told us that he had told his mom and a few of his friends and they had all reacted great! I love listening to him on the phone, he is really talkative and loves sharing the many experiences he has had. Even better he is able to recognize all the miracles and blessings that have walked into his life since he started learning about the church. The field really is white already to harvest. We're preparing him for baptism and we think he can be ready pretty soon, we're hoping that the local missionaries have talked with him about it because we have only been able to talk with him a little concerning it. The only concern he has is his girlfriend who he is living with right now. He wants to get married but he wants to wait till after he finished school so that they can start a family. So we're just trying to help him understand that even more blessings will come into his life as he starts living all of the commandments, including being baptized, sooner rather than later. 

Some amazing things that also happened this week was our Relief Society meeting on Thursday morning. Michael Otterson (sp?) came and spoke to us. He is the managing director for the Public Affairs organization for the church. He shared with us some principles we can use when answering questions and how we can discern when a question is sincere or not. It was super interesting and I loved it. The best part was, in the middle of the meeting his personal assistant walked in and handed him a sticky note. He stopped and read it and then apologized, told us that Elder Holland was trying to get a hold of him. Haha he then looked at us and told us, "Better not keep an apostle waiting" He then excused himself to go call Elder Holland. How crazy is that!? I think I forget that I live next door to the church office building and the church administrative building. As he was walking out of the theater we all yelled for him to tell Elder Holland that we all say hi. Later he came back and finished the meeting, but it was a very funny and exciting interruption.
Also on Sunday we got to watch a broadcast of the Ogden Temple re-dedication. It was broadcast-ed to a theater in the conference center for the sisters. I felt really special :) I am so grateful that we got to go. Especially because I remember the Sacramento Temple Dedication but not really. Elder Holland spoke at the session we attended, after that I am no super excited for conference. I love being able to listen to our living Prophet and Apostles. How blessed we are to live in a time with prophets and temples. Temples are the place where we can go to receive 'celestial parenting' from our celestial parents. Temples are our heavenly home away from our real Heavenly Home. I love the Temple, and I hope that everyone can see how blessed we are to have them on the earth. One thing that President Eyring shared with us in closing (he conducted the session) was that every time a temple is built and dedicated on the earth the power of the adversary is lessened. 2 Kings 6:16, we are on the winning team, why fear?

I love you all! Oh and I'll let you in on a little secret. We were downstairs in Scriptures and Revelations and we saw a little boy with his family, he was maybe 4 or 5. He ran up to the exhibit with Mormon and the plates, saw the plates and ran to his mother yelling "Mom, Mom, Mom I found the real gold plates!" I don't know how the little boy figured it out that we had the real ones but just in case you were wondering where they were :)--haha

-Sister Fluckiger

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