Saturday, September 20, 2014

One Happy Family

Hello Fluckigers!

Am I proud to be a Fluckiger or what. I know my whole life I have always joked how the second I get married I am getting rid of the name because well, it's a unique name. But I really am proud and super grateful to be a part of this family. So many times people see my name tag and scream: no way! They then go on and on about a Fluckiger they know and how they are the most amazing people they have ever met. Even though the majority of the time I don't know who they are talking about I am so proud to be part of a family who make such an impact on the people around the world. I wish you could see their faces when they talk about how amazing you are and what a great example you always were. So thank you to all the Fluckigers for being so amazing and for being a light for the world to look to. It's an honor to wear our name along with the name of our Savior on my heart everyday for the world to see.

I love being a missionary! Talk about the best decision ever, and I still am so grateful everyday to have been called to the Salt Lake Temple Square Mission. I get to say good morning to the temple everyday. It is a beautiful place, and it's even more beautiful when you understand the love and sacrifice that came from all the members of the church at that time to build it. The early members of the church were amazing, how lucky am I to serve in their home. I love them and am so amazed by their faith. Just the other day, Sister Bomgren and I were talking about the pioneers and everything they had to go through. We talked about their love, diligence, faith, and then just a few of the many miracles that happened all throughout the early years of the church. It was a beautiful, and powerful discussion. It's fun how much we learn from each other and from the spirit. I think that a lot of those miracles came from the work and help of individuals on the other side of the veil. Helping them along because they saw the big picture and they didn't want them to give up. I bet you some of those individuals were us. Helping our family cross the plains because we knew the happy ending that was coming for them and for us. We wanted them to make it because we wanted to live in a time where we could have the gospel of Jesus Christ and live in peace. And now the roles are reversed. I know that our ancestors are on the other side of the veil doing everything they can to help us. They are
cheering us on, and when things get hard, they're whispering to us that we can do it and that we are strong enough. As a missionary we get to feel this all the time. Just this morning we were talking about Temple Work and how so many of our ancestors are just waiting for us to do their work, and this is just the gospel according to Sister Fluckiger, but I think our ancestors love missionaries. Because we are finding and teaching their descendants and helping them into the waters of baptism so that eventually they will be able to enter the waters of baptism for their ancestors on the other side of the veil. So really, like everything in life, it's just one eternal round. We help them, they help us. That way we truly are one happy family. So there's my testimony for the week. As members of the church, both on the earth and those who passed, we are all just walking each other home, to our Heavenly Home.

As for a quick update on the logistics side. Monday was transfer conference, that was crazy! Haha it's days like that when I realize that we have such a girl mission. For those of you who have been to
girls camp it is very similar. Lots of screaming, cheering, and crying haha. I also realized just how different we are from other missions. The reason we have so many changes every transfer is because we have so many sisters coming and going each transfer. We have new sisters and departing sisters, and then we having returning outbound sisters and going outbound sisters. To add to all of that we have so many assignments and callings that are very unique to our mission. So it's hard for anything to say the same for longer than two transfers. But, our prayers have been answered! Sister Bogmren and I are staying together, yay. I wasn't really worried but right before our zone leaders announced us Sister Bomgren leaned over to me and told me she got nervous all of a sudden. So of course I got nervous. But there was no need haha. Everything is the same, same assignment, same district and zone, the only thing that is different is that we moved apartments. Yay and nay for that. We live in a different apartment complex but it's fun because the majority of the sisters live there. And a lot of the sisters who were in my MTC class are on the same floor as me. So that's fun, it really is like an eternal girls camp. Wednesday was transfer day and that was crazy. We got new sisters from the MTC and sisters returning from outbound. Yes that was a day full of screaming. I was talking with Sister Hernandez (Canada), she is a class above me, and we talked about how we couldn't wait until we knew all the sisters returning from outbound. Sister Hernandez than promised that she would be there to greet me at the airport when I got back. Yay! So on transfer days, we have no studies and no TC time because a lot of sisters are driving back and forth from the airport so we have to have everyone on the square to make up the difference of the missing sisters. Oh my goodness, it was crazy. Talking with people all day long and being overly happy can be exhausting. Who knew. I joked with one of the sisters who is in one of the last transfers that maybe eventually I would get used to all of this. She just laughed, she said the longer you are out on your mission the more tired you get. So that was reassuring, the TMSQ mission really is a go go go mission, I love it. :)

Well everything is fine and dandy here. Still hot and icky outside. I actually want fall to come. Leaves have started to fall though so I have a feeling it is coming soon. :) I love the people, I love the place, and I love my mission.

And I love you!

Sister Fluckiger

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