Monday, March 23, 2015

March Showers Bring April Flowers

Hey Y'all!
What another great week doing the Lord's work here in Atlanta Georgia!
I promise that we are staying super busy. We are always running from appointment to appointment, which is awesome. But...our area is huge and now we are getting to the end of the month where we are worried about miles haha. Woops, not something that I am used to thinking about. We should be fine though, and if not I need the exercise!
This week was ward conference, that was really nice. Felt like I haven't had one of those in a long time! I didn't get to meet President Sullivan though, only one of the counselors came. It's weird hearing his name. I have seen Meet the Mormons so many times now that it's weird to be close to the area where they are. Anyways, it was a great Sunday. We are teaching this couple from Africa who have the cutest 15 month little girl and this week the dad was sick so we weren't expecting any of them to come but the mom and little girl did! We were so surprised! It was fun having them there, they are the only ones we are teaching right now that doesn't have the best fellowship with the ward so we stuck with her and introduced her to many people. Our other investigators are basically a part of the ward now and fit right in :)
Being a missionary is hard though because this little girl is the most trusting little baby ever and will just crawl on top of everyone and we can't hold kids or have them on our lab :(. Anyways, so she just played with our keys during the entire sacrament meeting.
Oh and the rain this week, talk about crazy! I loved it. One day we did have like all of our appointments cancel on us so we just decided that we were going to be detectives and track down all of the lost sheep in our ward boundaries. It's always exciting and we always see many miracles. One happened yesterday when we went to a lady's home who lives within our boundaries but probably hasn't been to church in a while. She lived in an apartment complex and no one was home, so we just starting knocking on peoples doors. It was raining and late afternoon so no one was answering. We ended up walking across the complex to try another set of apartments. A lady answered the door and let us in to pray with her and her daughter....turns out she was the exact lady we were originally looking for! She had moved apartments and we didn't even know. It was such a tender mercy because she is so open and has wanted to see people from the church but because they moved they never saw anyone. So we set up a time to come back and invited them to the Women's Broadcast this weekend. "No effort is wasted" is what we like to say every time we end up in an area where either no one answers or no one wants to talk with us-doesn't happen too often but this time we realized that there is always a reason why we are in a certain area knocking doors. Sometimes it just isn't as evident as it was this particular time.
We also had an opportunity to have training by President Harding this week. He came out and talked with our zone and then we were able to have interviews. I'll admit the majority of the time he talked with the elders about being 'men' -that was new to me. There's so many things that you don't really experience when you serve on Temple Square haha. It was good though, afterwards I got to meet with President and he made sure I was adjusting okay. I really don't feel like there has been an adjustment-the work is the same no matter where you are! He did share with me though about my ancestors and the impact they will have on my mission and the impact my mission will have on those who come after. It was really cool, I just love the idea of how big our family is and how we are all linked together. How special it is that we have the knowledge of forever families.
Well I am loving the South, and the people here are just great! All so different and all have an amazing story to tell.
I love you all!
-Sister Fluckiger

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