Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

Hey Family!
It’s been another sunny/rainy week here in Atlanta Georgia filled with many adventures!
It’s been a pretty interesting week though, many ups and downs, but I guess that’s the roller coaster of missionary work no matter where you are. The ups though made all the downs worth it of course.

We started out the week with last Monday, for P-day after emailing we went to downtown Stone Mountain to walk around. Sister Perry had always wanted to do that and so we did! It has a cute little main street with little shops and cafes but basically everything was either shut down or just closed that day. So we didn’t really do anything besides walk up one side and then walk back down the other side of the street. It was a beautiful day though so it was nice to be outside. We did have a cool experience walking back to our car! We had parked in a parking lot near the city hall and there were a lot of cop cars in the same parking lot as us and one was pulling out right and we walked to our car. We waved at it as they drove past us and then were about to get in our car when we watched the police car stop and sit and then back up to us. We weren’t exactly sure what to expect, but the lady rolled down her window and asked us if we had an extra copy of the Book of Mormon! I wish everyone stopped us to ask us that question! Turns out she had visited Temple Square a number of years ago and had taken a tour with some sisters and got a Book of Mormon. She didn’t know where it was but was really wanting to read it. So that was cool, she didn’t want to stay in touch of course, but that’s okay! She has the book and as long as she reads it I know she’ll find missionaries again. So we figured if we drove all the way to down to Stone Mountain to give someone a Book of Mormon then it was all worth it.

The rest of the week consisted of setting appointments with investigators and members to come with us, and then the investigator canceling the day of as we are on our way to their home with the member. So that has been a tiny bit frustrating, but in the end things always worked out. It was truly incredible. One particular instance that I was truly grateful for was on Friday, we were on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders. I stayed in the area and Sister Perry went to the other area. I will admit I was a tiny bit nervous because I didn’t know the area as well (on Thursday the APs assigned me as the designated driver). Well it started out great, we (Sister Burckle and I) did some service for a member of our ward, their daughter was getting married this weekend so we cleaned and prepped many potatoes for cooking. We went finding and found a lot of solid families. Had a powerful lesson with a lady we are teaching, we read the Book of Mormon with her and then talked about Women’s Conference. The chaos of the day started towards the late afternoon. We were on our way to meet a member for lunch, she took us to a Jamaican restaurant -delicious! Anyways, we got lost going to that, used up a lot of miles and ended up being pretty late. We then had to drive to the church to meet another member who was going to a lesson with us, while we were on our way Sister Burckle called the investigators who we were going to see to let them know that we were going to be a little late and make sure it was still good for us to come over. Well, turns out neither of them were going to be home so they wanted to reschedule. I’ll admit, at this point I was getting a little stressed. The member we were going out with is one of the sweetest older ladies in our wards and I didn’t want to let her down. When we got to the church we let the sister know what had happened, we apologized and told her that the appointments had fallen through. She kind of sighed and then said ‘okay, what’s plan B’. :) So we called some potentials and other investigators and found one who was on the way out the door but said we could stop by for a little prayer. I truly have a testimony that no matter how much we plan and try to organize, the Lord’s plans are always so much better than our own! We ended up having a lesson on prayer, not sure how that even came up but our investigator opened up and let us know that he had actually never said a prayer before. The Sister who came with us opened up and bore powerful testimony about how prayer had worked in her life and invited him to say a prayer of gratitude just to start out with. It was just awesome, she was just loving and bold. It’s funny, every time I stress about something like this the Lord always fixes it and sometimes I just feel that He’s just trying to tell me to relax because He has everything under control-well I know that’s what He’s trying to tell  me.
After the lesson the Sister took us back to our car at the church and we shared with her 3 Nephi 5:13 telling her that we thought it was the perfect description of her and who she was. I don’t think I will ever forget her response “All I know is that I am a daughter of God and I love Him. I just keep trying to do what He wants me to do.” She really is the best, I love serving in a ward with these wonderful sisters who have such strong testimonies and are truly converted to the gospel!

But ya, that was just one experience but things like that happened basically everyday all week long. It was crazy! Gratefully the members that we take out with us are patient and are just along for the ride :)
For some fun things that happened, we walked for a day! Oh my goodness, we calculated it to be a little more than 7 miles by the time we got home. So, I have never spent a day walking so I don’t know if that’s a lot but it sure seemed like it! We were blessed though because the day that we walked the weather was super nice, the sun was shining and there was a nice cool breeze. Sister Perry did get sunburned and I have a nice shoe tan line now-oh the joys of missionary service! Luckily walking for that day worked perfectly because we were able to have enough miles to last us the rest of the week and we basically aren’t driving anywhere today so we will have enough for tomorrow! I hope my next companion is good about always thinking about miles because I have not been able to adapt that mindset yet. Probably by the time I get ready to leave the area I’ll have it all programmed into my little head. Hopefully.

So the work is moving forward in our fun little Twin Oaks ward! We were able to attend the broadcast for the Women’s Conference this last weekend. That was really good! It was fun to be with a stake and to see everyone. I did meet briefly Katrina’s husband’s sister? Haha, I really didn’t think I was going to meet anyone out here who had connections to our family-once again I was wrong! Anyways, the broadcast makes me super excited for conference, especially because I am able to watch all of the sessions! Yay, that doesn’t happen on Temple Square. The time difference is still a little weird to me, we didn’t get home for the broadcast until about 10pm because it starts so much later here. All is well, just made me think about the time differences in all the other countries. Wonder what conference is like there.
Well for those who saw the broadcast, did anyone have a favorite talk? Or insight? The thought that came to me was because we are in the week leading up to Easter, made me think about how the first person Christ visited after His resurrection what Mary and for Conference, the first group of people who get to hear and learn for our church leaders are the women. Just a cool connection that I made.

Well Happy Easter Everyone! I hope someone has an Easter egg hunt for me and dyes some eggs for me as well :)
Love you all!
-Sister Fluckiger

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