Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Work Work Work

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope that you all enjoyed fireworks for me since there is no time to rest on Temple Square. 

Well, the weather has finally cooled of for once. We have been having some sprinkles and some thunder. It will last for about a hour and then the sun will come back out and be super hot again. But it has kept our week interesting. 

Aside from the random bits of rain it has been a wonderful week!  We got to celebrate the 4th of July. I mean we are still missionaries so it's not like we had a day off or anything like the rest of the world but we did have a BBQ which was so fun. We all took turns and were able to go to the Brigham Young Park for about an hour with our zone to have some Hot Dogs and ice cream. The perfect American BBQ.

​And President and Sister Pouslen looked great in their matching aprons :) So it was a wonderful day!

This week has been transfer week. Now that I'm not in the office and because I have already been outbound this transfer week was a breeze. Didn't have a thing to worry about besides the normal 'the investigators better make it to sacrament this week.."
Sister Sommerfeldt and I are still together..Yay! First time not changing companions since the beginning of my mission. We are excited for another 6 weeks to watch miracles happen. 
We had some cool miracles happen earlier this week though. We have been focusing on connecting with the people that we talk with because most of our contact with guests is less than 20 minutes and so it's really important to earn their trust in that short amount of time so that they are interested in learning more when you invite them. 
We felt like we had been struggling with that a little bit and so that's what we studied and role-played the last week and yesterday we were able to see it pay off. We took a tour with this lovely couple visiting from Alabama. She actually started the tour by telling us: "okay I have never told anyone this and I hope it's not bad but I'm going to tell you, I have never known a mormon in my life but I LOVE them! Everything you promote is just so good and anyone who has the same values as me is a good person, so thank you!" 
I have to say it's not everyday that someone greets you with that. They were very familiar with the history of the church but not so much as the doctrines or beliefs. We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and before we could even invite them to read it the husband asked us if we gave out copies of it. It was all just perfect. So we gave them a copy of it and explained and testified to them how our lives were changed from reading the Book of Mormon and how the same thing can happen to them if they let it. They are going to be on vacation for a few weeks but we are going to stay in touch with them and then get the local missionaries involved by the time that they get back home. 
Our other miracle happened in the Beehive!! So giving tours in the Beehive is fun but it is hard to find new investigators. The majority of people who come through the home just want to look at the old stuff and so sometimes it feels like their ears are shut as we teach and testify about living prophets and the Book of Mormon. But this week we took a small tour through and it started off pretty weird, we had an odd mixture of members and nonmembers and we actually thought that one guy was a member when we found out half-way through the tour that he wasn't. (awkward). But this weird tour ended up being amazing at the end. When all else fails just bear testimony..that's our motto. So that's what we did. We just taught and testified about the Book of Mormon and handed out the free download cards and asked if anyone wanted to meet with local missionaries and our friend who we thought was a member but wasn't wanted to meet with local missionaries! Talk about best ending ever. 

So I promise we are still working hard. No lazy missionaries here :) We celebrated Sister Sommerfeldt's last day in her first transfer yesterday but going to Farr's for some ice cream. She is no longer the 'newbie' so we had to celebrate that :)
But this week is just going to be work work work...according to President Benson there is no satisfactory substitute! 

I love you all! Thanks for all the prayers!

-Sister Fluckiger

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