Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Celestial Potential

So the sun is shining, birds are singing, and the square is busy with
visitors- some things just never get old!

I truly love being on Temple Square and we had so many fun adventures
this week. Every day really is an adventure and so many things happen
that it's hard even at night to remember it all when I'm writing in my
journal. There were a few highlights though from this week, the first
being that I was able to be a Spanish sister again for just a day. We
went on exchanges and I was able to spend he day with our district
leader, Sister Polanco, and she is from Guatemala. Spanish is one of
he busiest languages on Temple Square so we took a lot of Spanish
tours. It was a lot of fun. I always love going on exchanges because
you get to see more ways of teaching. Sister Polanco is an amazing
missionary and she is probably the funniest missionary I've ever
served. So we had a lot of fun together.
More and more though I realize how much was messed up because of what
happened at the Tower of Babel. I don't think anywhere in the world is
it more evident than at Temple Square. All is well though because one
day it will all get sorted out and there will be no language barriers.
Until then though it will be a struggle, at least for me. For example
today and tomorrow we are having zone conference, we get to go
tomorrow because today is our pday but it meant that everyone who
didn't have conference today has to be on square at 8am and I can tell
you that the only people who come to the square that early in the
morning are people from Asia. So that was a fun adventure this morning
:) They are some of the best people ever, I just wished that I was
better at communicating with them.

Friday was Pioneer Day and we were able to attend the parade in the
morning. The best part of it was seeing President Eyring and then
seeing Elder and Sister Moore (our mission secretary and my best
friends) driving their old car in the parade.
They are definitely the cutest people!

It was wonderful celebrating Pioneer Day on Temple Square. The history of the church is so inspirational, and that continues to this day. We met a wonderful man yesterday on the square who shared some stories with us from his mission and his testimony of how we all knew each other before this life and now we are all here just trying to find everyone and trying to get us all back home again. It was pretty neat and you know what he's right. Thinking of the pioneers, we may not all have pioneer heritage but we all have Celestial Heritage which means we all have celestial potential :)

I love you all but God loves you so much more!

-Sister Fluckiger

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