Wednesday, October 14, 2015

2 Nephi 9:51

Magandang Hapon!!
(Good Afternoon in Tagalog!)
Temple Square lost it's flowers! It's so sad!! On Saturday they ripped up all of the flowers and today they are planting all of the Tulip bulbs. Summer time is now officially over. It's quite depressing. Now we just need to Christmas lights to turn on to make up for the empty flower beds.
Besides having the flowers ripped up and thrown away, a lot of good things happened this week! We survived last week of all early morning meetings which means that we were able to exercise again this week - Yay! Exercise really does make a difference! Heavenly Father knew what He was doing when He gave us the Word of Wisdom. Sister Juntilla and I are training for our Mission's 5k coming up next Saturday. President wants us to be "fit for the kingdom" so "more used can we be" (Hymn #131) it's been great! So this week we have been blessed with lots of more energy and the ability to focus on our different responsibilities. It took me about a year but I now have a testimony of daily exercise.
 I'll admit for most of this week it felt like Sister Juntilla and I just ran all over the place trying to get everything done while also taking care of some sisters and then making time for our investigators, but the Lord always lengthens your days. At least that is what I have experienced. This week we had our Zone Training Meeting and so we spent a lot of time in preparation for that. We focused on using the Book of Mormon in our teaching and helping the sisters understand what their purpose is as missionaries. It turned out to be a great meeting and the sisters were able to participate a lot. We actually did a Role Play using some of the sisters real investigators and their situations and, as a zone, were able to find some scriptures from the Book of Mormon that the sisters could use next time they taught them. It was really successful and we found out that the scriptures that we came up with was able to help some of the investigators! The Spirit is just so good to us!
Just like any good missionary when we're not teaching or helping the sisters we are teaching and helping our investigators and the people we meet on the square! The Lord really does take care of your investigators when you are taking care of his other children. A lot of our investigators this week were able to get in contact with the local missionaries which is always answer to prayer! And then all of our Filipino investigators were able to listen to Conference this last weekend (they watch is a week later because of the time difference)! The blessings just keep coming. Today actually we were really worried that we wouldn't have any square time before our p-day starts because of how long our to-do list was but we ended up having exactly 30 min and we were able to take a texted out tour in that amount of time. It was this super cute family that was on vacation and wanted to spend the day exploring Salt Lake City. We ended up focusing the tour on what our church services are like and also eternal families. We found out that the mother grew up Catholic but left the church because of some unanswered questions and some differences in how she viewed Christianity. As we were sitting in the Assembly hall explaining church she shared with us that she loved all the different programs that we had and how the church service was ran. We really do have a unique Sunday Services compared to other churches. We have the privilege of being able to hear from everyone and to hear how the Gospel of Jesus Christ has played a role in their own life and with their family. She really liked that. After being in the Assembly Hall we walked over the see the Temple Model and were able to teach about Eternal Families. We all were able to feel the spirit as we testified and shared different experiences on how special it is to know that our families will be eternal. It was just overall a wonderful and converting tour for everyone. As the mom was filling out her contact information for us to stay in touch and teach more she looked up at us as said "Wait a second, are you going to be calling me everyday?" and then she laughed :)
It's just been a great week! Time really does fly when you're having fun! Yesterday we started exchanges with our District Leaders and we will finish up this weekend. So yesterday I was able to serve with Sister Bellais from Tahiti! She showed me a picture of her backyard....yep I am really jealous. And then this weekend I will be with Sister Lai from Australia and then Sister Burke who is also from Australia. All these wonderful sisters who get to live on an island, it's going to be great!
I love you all dearly! I hope you are getting yourself ready for Christmas :) Because we are!
Sister Fluckiger

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