Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween on Temple Square

HI Y'all! 

Are you all excited for Halloween? I am! Halloween means that we get fed and we get to attend the Temple! Two of the best things for a missionary (receiving mail is still in the top 5 by the way)!

The square died this past week - it's been sad and I think I'm in denial about it. The week prior there was the Parliament of World Religions being held in Salt Lake which is why it's actually stayed busy for most of October. Now that that is over though we have hit a dead patch before the Holiday Season. 
Sister Juntilla and I are still in the Beehive House and we are still loving it. I was there yesterday morning to open it up with the Senior Couple, the Richardsons (love them dearly) and Elder Richardson took us exploring on the third and forth levels! 

This was their closet....I don't even think my suitcase could fit in here. 

This morning we also were able to receive another great training from Elder Wilson, he is in the area presidency over us. He came to our Relief Society and taught us more about the Book of Mormon! I just love focusing on that book! It's truly my favorite book - there is just always more that you can learn about it! This mornings focus was on using the Book of Mormon as the tool in conversion that it's supposed to be. When the investigators and members are converted to the book of Mormon and truly know of it's truthfulness then they are prepared for any storm or "mists of darkness" that might come their way. 
We also learned that generally speaking (and this was from a study) people do not understand something until they have heard it 17 times. Which would explain why you have to take English almost every single year until you graduate from High School!
The things you learn when you are serving a mission :)

This last Sunday Sister Juntilla and I also attended Music and the Spoken Word!

The work continues to move forward! I can testify that the Lord truly does know what He is doing. We have an investigator that we are currently working with that is now sharing the gospel with his friend! His friend isn't really religious and so our investigator just invited him to pray and now they are planning on going to church together! We are blessed to be able to see so many things everyday that testify of God's plan and of His love for each of His children. 

I love you all dearly! 
Happy Halloween!

Sister Fluckiger

P.S. Cows can drink 35 gallons of water a day! Holy Cow :)

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