Monday, February 23, 2015

Ether 12:4

Hey Fam Bam!!
So I'll admit, it was one of those weeks where, now that I am reflecting back I can't help but think, "did we even do anything this week?"-Things kind of blend together as a missionary I feel.
I mean of course we did stuff, we made contact with all of our investigators. They still are doing great. We met a lot of interesting people as always. The sun is still shining. So things are just the usual here in Salt Lake City.
Although I did find out something beautiful this week, I was talking with one of my investigators/recent coverts. Her ward is taking a trip down to the temple so she is preparing to go and do baptisms with them! Yay! I remember I told her that her baptism day would be her most favorite day-right next to the day when she can go through the temple. So that was a mini miracle-as a temple square missionary is really does mean a lot when the people you teach are in a good ward with good missionaries and good support to help them since we are usually states or countries away from them. So that was really excited this week.

A lot of learning also happened this week which was fun. Both gospel and history. For Relief Society this week Emily Utt came and spoke to us. She is the Church Historian over the church historical sites-and well Temple Square is a big Church historical site!! It was so cool! I'll admit, I learned that a lot of the things that we had been sharing in our tours were a tiny bit false haha. Sister Utt is actually working on a brand new site guide for us to study since apparently the one that we are using has been around for decades and isn't that accurate.
But serving on Temple Square is just awesome! She really renewed a lot of energy of how exciting it really is to be serving here every single day. We talked a lot about why Temple Square was a historic site. Of course there could be like a million reasons why, but she said that Temple Square was a historic place because it is the lace that revelation is received for the church and for the world-and of course this continues to this day! Like cool! I had never thought of it in that way. Then we listed off a bunch of church announcements that have been made since the church made it to the Salt Lake Valley-there are a lot, basically everything from food storage to the revelation about the Priesthood to the missionary age change. Our church is just too cool.
So ya, now I want to study Church History. So I'll just add that to the list.
For preparation day today we did SERVICE!
I guess for other missionaries that is like a 'norm' but on Temple Square it is like a sacred experience because it doesn't usually get to happen.
Now that it's done, I realize it was less service and more just having fun. Our zone went to a little assisted living home and performed some songs for them and then talked and ate with them. It was so fun, we sang 'Amazing Grace' and 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' (they asked us not to sing anything 'churchy') We even had a sister to play the Ukelele for us.
The place we went to was like super fancy!
​This was before all the guests showed up.
It was fun, the people there were just so cute! Made me want to just stay there with them. Some of them were members and some of them weren't so it was a really good experience for all of us I think.
So President and the APs have been transfer planning all week-crazy where has the time ever gone?! I'll admit I usually try to just focus on what I am doing and not think about the coming transfer but it's hard this time because I am really excited. I told President that I just want to go back to being a normal missionary. No more office for me. I have loved it, I have learned a lot, and I have loved serving the mission. But there is still that part of me that just wants to be outside talking with people about the gospel! So hopefully next transfer is just a normal one-then again I don't think there really is 'normal' in this mission, but oh well!
I love you all! Go visit the temple! We went this morning and it was great! I had missed it a lot. It was closed for a good month or so. Having a temple right next door is just cool. We are blessed to be able to visit our Father's home so often. I'm praying that I have a temple close by whenever I go outbound-we are so spoiled that the idea of going three months without seeing a temple like kills me. Oh well, like the pioneers said "All is well!"
Okay, well that's about it for me. Temple Square is fun, miracles happen everyday if you are just willing to open your eyes to see them. A lot of changes are going to be happening not only to the mission but also to the visitor centers- so a lot more miracles are just around the corner!
Love you all!
-Sister Fluckiger

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