Friday, February 27, 2015


Oh my!
What a week!!
Well I'm sure you all know, but I am going to serve in Atlanta Georgia! I am beyond excited and I will be serving with Sister Mahoney :)

She videoed me opening my call....but I can't send it because it's too large? I'll find a way to get it to you at some point. It's pretty funny because Sister Mahoney was filming but she opened hers first so when I opened mine I read it before I said it out loud and I just looked at Sister Mahoney with this funny looking face...but it looks like I'm making the face at the camera haha woops.
But ya, I am super excited and cannot wait.
This week has been filled with transferring my investigators, preparing for transfers (can't believe that is next week already) and trying to pack and sort through all of my stuff. It's funny when I first got to the mission I felt like I had nothing compared to all the other sisters-and I liked it, they all had problems packing and moving and I told myself that I would become that hehe. Which is funny because I have somehow become that sister now. So now I am just giving everything away.
Something really awesome that has happened this week was our training that we had from our area authority, Elder Clarke, and Brother Donaldson from the missionary department.
​I was expecting it to be a training about the iPads that we are going to be receiving soon but I was so wrong-it was so much better than that. It was a training about us, about who we are and about who we can become. It was an amazing experience.
"This is a journey not an event. This is about becoming" -Elder Clarke
The entire purpose about it was to restart the idea of giving missionaries iPads. Because in the few missions they tested it in, it wasn't working. So now they are giving this training before any missionary gets one. They are working from the inside out, just like Christ does. If they can change the missionaries, then iPads will become a wonderful tool to further the work of the Lord. It was a cool experience. We got to see just how much the leaders in our church work and pray for the missionaries and to help us become the instruments the Lord needs. The idea of giving us iPads was a very long process. I was very surprised when they explained it to us. And even after they gave some missions them they were still discussing it. Something that Elder Bednar told them when they received their training in preparation for training us was:
"Reasonable things do not need revelation. Giving iPads to missionaries is not reasonable-this was all done by revelation"
I'm excited to see what the Temple Square Mission will be like when I get back.
Well I love you all!!! Thanks for all that you do for me. Hopefully I'll have a cute little southern accent after three months of the south. Fingers are crossed!
-Sister Fluckiger

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