Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day Miracles

Hi Fam!
This week was slow....yet fast. Odd I know.
It was slow because my companion has been sick and has had to stay home, fast because Heavenly Father blessed us with a lot of tender mercies and miracles that made it all worth it!
It's hard having a sick companion, because usually it means you stay! As a missionary that is like the worst. I almost read all of Alma in a day, just shy by a few chapters haha, I could have finished it but my zone leaders came and we did exchanges so I could spend a few hours on the square. That's when all the miracles happened! All week I was praying so hard that Heavenly Father would look after and take care of our investigators because I didn't think that we would be able to make contact with them this week because of how much time we were at home. Of course, He is just too good.
On Wednesday, we still had nothing, no contact with our investigators, no lessons, just nothing. Which is very unreal in this mission, but we were just at home so of course nothing could happen. But Wednesday afternoon I went on exchanges with my leaders so that I could at least try to make contact. We had a lesson with one of our investigators that Sister Merrill and I were teaching together. Our focus if we got a hold of her was to just get her going back to church and to get her back in contact with the missionaries because something had happened in her family that made her unable to meet with them for a while. Well she answeedr! But she then went on to tell us that she was no longer going to attend church and get baptized (she had a date) because her minister told her that she didn't have to get baptized to get to heaven. I'll admit my heart just shattered. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing and I had no idea what to do. I remember just praying that it would turn out okay and that we wouldn't lose her. Well that was the moment when the spirit took over. Sister Vasi (Idaho) was my exchange companion and when we talked and evaluated after the lesson about how it went we both agreed that we didn't do any of the talking. I am so thankful for the spirit! We tried to resolve her concern about baptism by reading some scriptures and it of course wasn't working. We then got her to think about why she was investigating the church in the first place, why she was going to get baptized in the first place. We went back to the Book of Mormon and testified about it. We invited her to just read a verse and then to just say one more prayer about it. It was crazy, this was like a 15 minute conversation and after all of that her entire countenance changed. She was back to the upbeat funny person that I met not too long ago. She said that she would read everyday and that we could call her back this weekend. Heavenly Father is just so good :) He really knows how to take care of His kids.
But after that, all sorts of little miracles happened. I was able to get a hold of all of our investigators, see how they were doing, set a new appointment, and made sure they were all going to church this weekend. I think I went on exchanges with like a million sisters but it was wonderful. The sun has been shinning which brings lots of people to the square. The flowers are all popping out of the ground and the work is just awesome!
Another awesome story that starts with a prompting was this morning. We were in the teaching center and I felt like we should try one of our investigators who will be getting baptized very soon. It is like impossible to get a hold of her these days but I figured why not. Well, she answered! That's a miracle in itself. She told us about all the things she is doing to prepare and about how excited she is for her baptism. This is someone I found with Sister Humble-so that's like 3 months ago? Well she actually had a rough night last night so it was a good thing that we had called, we were able to talk about that and how she just has to get to baptism and things will get better. It's kind of annoying as a missionary that the adversary always throws a million things at my investigators right when they get close to baptism. It's annoying, but he has never been able to win. So all is well!
Missions are just the best! And Temple Square is the best! Those two things are the perfect combination for a happy 18 months.

 The Temple is opening up again next week which is even better! I think we are planning on going next week on p-day, which would be wonderful.Well I hope that you all are staying out of trouble. Remember that I love you all, but someone a lot greater than I loves you a lot more! :)
And remember to stay out of trouble!
-Sister Fluckiger

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