Monday, April 13, 2015

If You Don't Like the Weather...Just Wait a Minute!

Happy April Everyone!
Well I survived another Transfers week! Well at least I'm still in one piece :)
Its been a crazy week but I have loved it as always. The one question that I keep getting was if I missed Temple Square over conference weekend, and well I miss it but I don't miss it enough to want to leave Georgia..if that answers the question. There is just too much work to be done, but I guess it's like that no matter where you are serving.
Trying to think back about what has happened this week...Well Sister Perry went home. On Wednesday we drove up to....actually I don't know where we went. It was about an hour away and it was a church building and we had our transfers conference there. So that was fun. Transfers are a lot different here than when we have it on Temple Square. I was able to see Sister Mahoney! That was a tender mercy. Nothing for her really changed so she didn't actually have to come but they had to drop off a sister and someone told them they could stay. So that was a fun little reunion. It was fun to hear about where she is serving, her area is like the polar opposite from my area. We are going to have a lot of stories to share on our plane ride back to the west in a few weeks :)
So Sister Lund is my new companion, she is also from Utah, Brigham City to be exact. And believe it or not but we entered the MTC on the same exact day! But we didn't know each other, but still it's pretty cool.
​ We've had a crazy few days together. Tornadoes, thunder storms, heat waves and lots and lots of tracting! This picture was taken after we tried to contact a potential and right as we were walking out of the apartment complex back towards our car it down-poured on us...I don't look that wet haha but that's because Sister Lund had to back me out of our parking spot. So she was in the rain a bit longer than me :) Oh and did I mention this was the day we forgot our rain coats? hehe

But ya, leading out an area when you have only  been there for 5 weeks has, I guess. We haven't been late for any appointments yet or been lost anywhere so I think that's pretty impressive. I mean we do have a GPS so I guess that helps a bit. But still, we are alive!
The people we are teaching are doing wonderful and I just know that this is the transfer for all of them! We had a mighty miracle with one of the investigators who Sister Perry had been teaching for basically forever. He knows the church is true and wants to be baptized but he wanted to wait till things in his life settled, i.e. taxes, emigration, new job, and other things like that. And because of that he would never set a date to be baptized, he would just say, "eventually, I want to be baptized and it will happen but I can't set a date" or something like that. Well, anyways, the miracle is that we visited him this week and we shared with him Doctrine Covenants 20:37, which are the qualifications for baptism and then we shared with him a few of the baptismal interview questions and basically told him that he was ready, that the Lord thinks he is ready and all he is doing in denying blessings that he could otherwise be receiving right now. Well we invited him to be baptized on a date in May and he said "Sure!" Haha I just love how the Lord works :)
So a lot of cool things like that have happened, another miracle would be when we went and contacted a referral. We met a 13 year old girl and her aunt and we just started teaching them. The aunt is okay with her church but is willing to listen to us but the girl was like really excited. We invited her to church and she said "you know I feel like if I come to church I am going to want to be baptized and stay" - a missionary's favorite response! So we are now teaching her and her aunt and we are praying specifically for her aunt that her heart will be softened. We like this to be a family thing that we do together! But the Lord always makes everything work out.
A funny story to just close out, Sister Lund and I keep bringing this back up because we still can't believe that it happened. Well we had a return appointment with a man that I had met about 2 weeks back when we went on exchanges. He was a really cool guy and he told us that he wants to be as close to God as our clothes are close to us. Anyways, we went back this week for our appointment. We had tried and prayed so hard that we would have a member present so that we could teach him. Usually it's not that hard for us to find a member present because the sisters in our ward are very willing, but for whatever reason (we now know the reason) we could not get anyone to come with us. So we were already in the area so we just decided we would show up and hope his wife would join us and if not we would just reschedule. Well turns out that he was waiting for us....with his preacher. I'm sure you can imagine what happened. It was quite an experience. We explained to him that we couldn't stay or go inside because we didn't have another lady with us, but then he just asked if we could just stay outside for a few minutes to answer some questions he had. We said sure and he went inside to grab his Bible and came back out with a Bible and a preacher. You just have to love the South! Anyways, we basically testified our hearts out and invited them to pray and then left promptly. Yep we are still laughing about it. Hopefully something like that doesn't happen again...but you just never know!
So that's basically been our week. Always fun and crazy and always filled with variety.
I love you all and hope you are having a wonderful week!
-Sister Fluckiger
p.s. my companion cuts hair....seriously best thing as a missionary ever!!!! :)

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