Monday, April 27, 2015

Mosquito Bites....Gotta Love Them!!

Happy April 27th!
So something that I am not sure if I have mentioned before in an email (if I have, please forgive me the missionary brain sometimes just feels like a pool of mush). But living outside of Atlanta is really fun, probably different than living near any other city in the world. It's fun because well, it's the South. It's a little like being in Utah where there's a church on every corner...the only difference is that none of the churches are ours. And they have these awesome signs with funny and sometimes really profound sayings. For example:

We did a lot of driving this week because we were able to go on some more exchanges with the sisters in our stake and then we also had Zone Training and we were able to go to the Temple! The Atlanta Temple is cute and peaceful. I had forgotten how much I loved seeing a Temple every single day and so being able to go to it was very special and very needed! That all happened on Tuesday so it started our week out perfectly.
The rest of the week was filled with finding, teaching, and mosquito bites.
I believe I told you about our miracle investigator, M last week. He's the one that we found when I got us lost trying to find a member. Anyways, he is still the best! I wanted to give you a little update on how he was doing.
We taught him twice this week and he came to church with us and every time we talked with him I was more and more amazed. He's just a funny guy. We went over the Restoration with him and he just sat there and kept shaking his head in agreement. It's been cool because everything has had a familiar ring to him. Our second lesson with him we told him about what I call 'CPR'; Church, Prayer, and Reading your Scriptures. After he just looked at me and was like: "I know someone has already told me that before...but I don't know who would have.." I'm sure one of the three Nephites is one of his buddies and was just silently preparing him for the gospel.
He came to church and that's when I realized that as missionaries we do have a tendency to stress about a few things...or maybe that's just me. But now Sister Lund and I laugh about it. But Sunday morning M texted us telling us that he wouldn't be able to make it to church because he didn't get any sleep last night and was really tired. Yep, we like panicked. We texted him basically pleading with him that he needed to come so he could meet the bishop and so he could get into the habit of attending every Sunday for when he gets baptized. Over a few texts he told us that he was going to take a 15 minute power nap and then would come to church. After that we put our phone in our bag because we needed to get our other investigators situated for when they arrived at church. We ended up checking our phone like 2 minutes before church started and we saw like 4 text messages from M. We panicked a little again :) and read through them one by one. The first one said something like he woke up and looked out the window and saw his car gone..his dad must have taken it. The second text said that he would get a ride from his mom. The third text said that his mom left without him. The fourth text said he didn't have a ride. And finally the fifth one said that he found a ride and would be there in 5 minutes. Talk about a roller coaster! So Sunday was an exciting day! Missionary work is definitely not boring, it always keeps me on my toes. 

Sister Lund and I did do some walking...nearing the end of the month and we have to take a drive down to the mission office this week for Mission Council which is a good 40 miles each way. Luckily the weather wasn't that muggy this week, we had maybe one day that was classic "southern humidity". The Lord continues to bless us with nice sunshine spring weather. There are days when I feel like the pioneer children, "Pioneer children sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked..." I actually really like walking days...even though I realize that in some ways it's not effective just because our area is huge. But then it's really effective because you really do get to "talk with every single person" so that's fun and exciting. But due to the amount of walking around and the time of dusk, Sister Lund and I have been attacked by bug bites. We were examining our ankles after studies this morning...and yep I win having the most bug bites out of the two of us. Luckily we are well stocked with itching cream and Benedryl so we are ready and able to take on another week! 

 Last PDay we drove down to Atlanta again for a Sisters Pday. We all met at the Atlanta building..which is like in Atlanta :) Unlike me who is 'serving' in Atlanta but really we are just in an intercity on the outskirts. You just have to love the people of Atlanta. Which I will get to do again! We are going on some more exchanges this week and I will be serving in the Atlanta ward on Tuesday and then on Thursday we will be on exchanges with the Spanish Sisters...haven't decided yet who will be a Hermana for a day but that should be exciting!

(Key term definition: Exchange- we switch companions for a day for training purposes. That's basically all it is)

But back to Sisters Pday we all got together (there are about 15 of us total in the stake) and we made Mother's Day Crafts :) Sister Missionaries just never grow up. So hopefully that will be getting in the mail soon....I have to find a way to mail it.
But ya, that's a bit of my week and I've loved it! I hope you all have fun plans for this week! Summer break is coming in a few weeks which makes us excited because it should make it a tiny bit easier to teach families all together instead of split up like we are doing...that is if no one goes on Summer Vacation haha.

Well I love you all so much!!!
-Sister Fluckiger

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