Monday, May 11, 2015

What even happened this week?

Happy Mother's Day!
So every single Monday morning Sister Lund and I go through our normal routine of excercise, studies, and then heading to the library to email everyone. And every single Monday morning after we get done emailing President, Sister Lund and I always look at each other and ask "What even happened this week?"
Anyways, lots happened this week but getting it all to fit in this email is probably not even possible. For one, I am surprised that we haven't melted away yet. I distinctly remember President Pouslen telling me that I was going to be in Georgia for the best weather of the year. He failed to mention that while I would be blessed with amazing weather I would also have to endure about 3 weeks of absolute heat. Yesterday while we were out knocking doors, this family answered and the dad looked at us and just asked us if we were hot. We laughed to each other and said "just a little". Gratefully he invited us in and we were able to have a prayer with his wife and kids.

But this week we had some high ups and some pretty low downs. But hey, that's life right? :) Sister Lund and I recite the Standard of Truth to each other to remind us that there is nothing that can stop God's plan from moving forward. It's always nice to remember that we are on the winning team.
I am still loving Georgia, despite the heat. I still love being a missionary. I am realizing that I will be heading back to Temple Square in just a bit and that's a bitter/sweet feeling. I know that there are so many people there that I love but now there are so many people in Georgia that I love - so basically no happy ending it seems. I do remember a sister on Temple Square sharing with me that she describes the TMSQ/Outbound/TMSQ experience like the Plan of Salvation: PreEarth/Earth/Spirit World. It probably felt like we were leaving our friends and family when we came to Earth. And it's always hard when some leaves this life, but really when you think about the grand plan you always end up with your family again. That's why I am glad that our Father in Heaven is in charge. He just takes care of everything :)
Okay...and here are some pictures for the week :D

​We found this giant, very colorful caterpillar  on our car..
Oh, speaking of our car. So we named him Abinidi because he is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and is probably the most diligent missionary I know of in the Book of Mormon and because he is not treated as he should be, we can just leave it at that. Anyways, to keep you up to date with the exciting stories of our car, we took it into the shop and they fixed it free of charge. Yay. But this week as we were driving from appointment to appointment that black plastic thing totally just fell off completely. And of course because we were on our way to the appointment and didn't have time to spare, I just watched it as it went tumbling down the road in my rear-view mirror.
So that was sad, we were sure at that point that Elder Parker was going to take our car away from us. We decided that we weren't going to call him though because we wanted to at least see if we could find the part just in case that helped. So the next day after we had lunch we went on a search. Luckily we found our little missing piece sitting in the suicide lane just waiting for us. We quickly called Elder Parker to tell him what had happened and to our dismay he told us that they were selling our car at the end of the transfer! We were so sad, all of our exciting adventures happen because of our car haha. 

​And we realize like the only time we take photos is when something happens to our car... oh 
missionary life :)
Love you all!!!
-Sister Fluckiger

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