Monday, May 4, 2015

Accept Miracles

Okay, I have to start with probably the coolest thing that happened this week:

​Okay now for the story behind the photos. So this week on Wednesday we had to drive down to Fayetteville for some meetings. We had the New Missionary Training (a privilege that we got to go even though neither one of us is a new missionary...) and then Mission Council. So we were down in Fayetteville from 8am to 6pm. Talk about cutting a giant section out of missionary work, but don't worry it was all worth it. Anyhow, so on our drive back we decided to take the back roads because trying to drive through Atlanta at 6 o'clock is basically the worst idea you could have. On our drive our car decided to basically fall apart. The plastic black thing under our bumper...I think it was called some wind protection (not a cars person), well it decided to fall off. The first time we pulled over we were able to just snap it back on and we got back on the road. We had some appointments set up for that evening and so we could not have any delays! Well of course as stories go the plastic part fell off again but by this point we were driving on this really skinny road and there was no part to pull off. After driving for a bit we found a tiny spot of dirt on the side of the road and we pulled over and went to look at the damage...yep it wouldn't pop back into place. We called Elder Parker who is over all of the cars and sat on the phone with him for about 30 minutes while he tried to figure out where we were. Yep we were just lost in the country. At this point Sister Lund and I are trying not to stress about our appointments, we already had to cancel one but the next one planned was for our investigator M who is getting baptized this Saturday - we couldn't miss it! Elder Parker then asks us if we have anything in our car that we could just tie it back together with-no luck. Sister Lund then decides to go back to the front of the car and look under it. Under our car to our lovely surprise was a little orange rope buried in the ground. Heavenly Father provided us with a pretty solution to our kind of dirty situation. So we tied our car together and got back on the road!
We literally pulled into the parking lot of the church right as our investigator got there, right on time! We ended up sharing with him our mighty miracle and he was just blown away. We talked about Nephi when he says that he was led by the spirit not knowing beforehand the things that he should do and how when we have the gift of the Holy Ghost that can happen to us. I mean it was very inspired that we decided to pull off right where we did, if we hadn't our car would not have been tired together with a cute little orange bow. In the closing prayer of our lesson he thanked Heavenly Father for providing us with that miracle so that he could learn about the Gift of the Holy Ghost and then he expressed that he couldn't wait until he was able to receive that great gift!
Everything happens for a reason!
Anyways so that was our car story :) The rest of the week we just had exchanges. I was able to spend a day serving in Atlanta and then also a day serving as a spanish sister. It was quite a week!
The rest of the week was filled with finding and teaching. I love being in the South (I'm sure I say that every week) but here there are so many people who are religious and so when they hear truth their ears perk up! We met a man this week and we told him that we had a prophet on the earth and 12 apostles and he just expressed to us that he has tried a lot of religions trying to find the truth but he has never found a church that had a prophet and 12 apostles, he said "that makes sense, that's what it should be". We went over later on in the week and told him about the full restoration and he just took it all in. Being here is really helping me realize more and more how much the world needed a restoration. This guy was right, it just makes sense that God would call a Prophet. It just makes sense that He would have His church on the earth. It just makes sense that He would have to restore the Priesthood authority to the earth. Nothing else makes sense. God is a God of order and pattern, and learning from His patterns is the best way to find the truth! Most people here recognize that and it's awesome!
This week President Harding has also been making a big emphasize on miracles. He calls this transfer the "Baptism Transfer" and so he has been having us read a lot of scriptures about miracles and have been inviting us to have more faith and to fast from doubt and fear so that we can see more miracles happen in our area. Sister Lund and I have really been talking a lot about that this week together (on the days that we were actually companions) and how we truly have been blessed with many many miracles and we just have been expecting them as we do our part. And then yesterday we were driving down the road and passed this church sign and we just started laughing and realized that it literally summed up our whole week!
Accept and Expect Miracles. That's what Sister Lund and I are doing in the Twin Oaks area :)

I love you all!
-Sister Fluckiger

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