Thursday, May 28, 2015

I'm Back!

I am back on Temple Square! This week has been such a roller coaster, but seeing the Salt Lake Temple again felt so sweet :)
To give you all a run down of all that has happened, since last week. We went to transfer conference last Wednesday and we picked up our new companion :) Sister Olsen. She's the sweetest, we were actually her sister leaders the transfer before so we already knew her really well! Sister Lund and I were called as follow-up trainers (well I would only be doing it for a week haha) because Sister Olsen is still being trained. So that was fun. We had lots of appointments and because there were three of us we did splits a lot when we had a member out with us. So Sister Lund would go with the member to the set appointment and Sister Olsen and I would go and knock some doors. Super effective!
I actually don't have a picture of all three of us...woops, I'll get Sister Lund to email me one since I know that we took at least one. Anyways Tuesday was my last day in Georgia and it poured on us. It was a lot of fun, we met a lot of cool people that day. But Wednesday morning the APs picked me up and took Sister Mahoney and I to the Atlanta airport. President Harding called us while we were driving and thanked us for all that we did. It was really sweet of him, he really is the best and I am going to miss him a lot! But he is getting released from being a mission president this July and he's from Utah. So I told him that he has to come and visit us on Temple Square :).
But the arrival to Temple Square was quite an adventure. There actually ended up being 5 temple Square sisters on our flight back which made it fun. When we arrived in SLC and started heading for the baggage claim we were made aware that we were back in Utah very fast haha. When we came down the escalator there were probably about 50+ people waiting with posters, balloons, and cameras for their 'missionary'. Sadly, we were the first missionaries to come down and at first they started hollering and then they realized that we were not who they wanted and then there was just this awkward silence as everyone looked around for our families as we came down the escalator....someone even came up to us as we were getting our luggage and welcomed us back home and then asked us if our families were coming to pick us up....oh Utah :). So no one did pick us up, which we knew ahead of time. We loaded all of our luggage onto Trax and made our way to Temple Square.
Seeing everyone again felt really good! Sister Mahoney and I just adopted each other as our companions as we waited for our real companions for the transfer. It took a while....but the wait was worth it :)
Meet my new companion! Sister Sommerfeldt!! She's from Canada and is fresh from the MTC. It's going to be a wonderful transfer as we both learn all about Temple Square (I'll admit I can't remember any of the history....)
We will be serving in the Beehive House together so I'll get to learn all about Brigham Young and just how cool he really is.
Well I love you all, and I will continue to fill you in on all of our crazy adventures.
-Sister Fluckiger

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  1. Yeah ...back "home"....glad you had the adventure in the bugs ....time to go BIG!
    Remember, as a friend wrote.... "the bad news is that time flys, the good news is you’re the pilot"
    love ya!!