Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Temple Square saves the World

What an exciting week that has happened here in the great Salt Lake City. Each week just gets more and more exciting the longer that I get to serve here. 

But really lots of miracles were witnessed this week. To start, I have been blessed with a wonderful companion. She's so good that Sister Poulsen (our mission president's wife) trusted us to teach Relief Society this week. It turned out to be a great lesson! In our Relief Society the lessons are always varying, it goes back and forth from the sisters teaching to special guests coming and sharing a lesson with us. But when the sisters get asked to teach we teach out of the Teachings of the Presidents manual. Our lesson was all about Jesus Christ and we taught it with another companionship - Sister Xia (Hawaii and China) and Sister Chiafitela (Brazil). It was a great opportunity and we were able to learn a lot while we prepared but our mission is HUGE and so it was also kind of scary. Who knew that giving a tour of 40+ strangers and teaching about the Restoration would be more appealing than teaching a bunch of missionaries who are actually all your best friends? But the mission was accomplished and the spirit was felt. What more could you ask for :) 

The transfer is also nearing an end which is crazy to think about. Sister Sommerfeldt and I have been together for 3 months! Best companionship ever. Even our district this transfer was wonderful and we were able to see many miracles as we worked hard together as missionaries. 

​(this isn't the best photo....but it's actually the best one out of all of them).
Each transfer we set a lot of goals for different things to help us work effective. A baptism goal is something that is set with the Lord each transfer and this transfer our entire district was able to reach our goals. It was truly incredible, so many of our brothers and sisters were able to make covenants with our Father in Heaven and they are all now starting to see the wonderful blessings from the decision that each of them made. To celebrate the end of the transfer and the success that the Lord had over these past six weeks we had a scavenger hunt with our entire zone last Preparation Day. It was a lot of fun, we had to do different things like: act out a Book of Mormon story, make a card tower out of pass-along cards, spell out B.O.M. with our bodies and other ridiculous things like that. It was quite an adventure. 
It has been such a blessing to be able to serve in the Beehive House to teach and testify about Brother Brigham Young and our living Prophets today. We usually only serve in the Beehive House a few hours each day and we actually aren't even there every day. However yesterday we covered a few shifts and we ended up being there for 6 hours straight....that's a long time. It gave us some time to also read the Book of Mormon. The Beehive House isn't always busy and so when we are not on a tour we sit in the back and study. This week I finished up Mosiah  (such a good book!) and I just love how different things stand out to you each time that you read it. This time I was able to really gain a testimony that things always work out when we are following God. I just love how simple life is. Well it's meant to be simple, I think we mess that up sometimes. 
Sister Sommerfeldt and I have really been trying to help our investigators see really how simple the gospel is and how much happiness can come from it. We had a miracle happen this morning when we were teaching a lady that I met many months ago but then I lost contact with and now we are teaching her again. She made it to church this last Sunday and she even brought her teenage son and he really enjoyed it. He did have a few questions and they were able to chat to the missionaries a little bit but it didn't sound like the missionaries were going to visit them soon. Well during out conversation with her we asked her how her son liked church and instead of just telling her what she thought she just grabbed her son and put him on the phone. You gotta love investigator referrals :). We were able to have a great conversation with him, we introduced the Book of Mormon to him and he is going to start reading it today and tomorrow we are going to talk to him more about it. One thing always leads to another, and that's how it is with missionary work. Teaching one person always leads to teaching others! God's plan is a great one. 

Well Sister Sommerfeldt and I are going to be split up this next week. 

​We have had two crazy transfers together and have been able to see many miracles happen. Serving on Temple Square is a wonderful experience and I truly have been blessed to serve with wonderful companions. Monday morning is when we find out who our new companion is and what our assignment will be and the Wednesday is when the switch happens. If I am switching zones, my preparation day will also most likely switch as well - so just a warning. 

Thanks for all of the prayers! We most definitely feel them each and every day.
Lots of Love!!

-Sister Fluckiger

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