Friday, August 21, 2015

1 Nephi 2:20

Hello Everyone!
I have survived another transfer week and it has been great as always. My last few days with Sister Sommerfeldt were filled with lots of little exciting adventures and miracles.

We both decided that we wanted to have a very strong last few days together and that's what happened! We were able to take a lot of tours and meet a lot of people. In our excitement to take as many English tours as possible we actually ended up taking a Chinese tour. Being surrounded by so many international sisters I sometimes forget what languages I actually speak...just kidding :) they actually requested an English your because there were no Chinese sisters available. So we basically gave the tour to the teenage son because he has been living in Utah so his English was pretty good and then he translated everything for his family. It was quite an interesting experience, the boy enjoyed it though.
We also were able to have a miracle happen with our flagpole tour. We ended up taking a very large group around, 30+ people, which is fun because it means we are able to share our testimonies into a microphone. Which also means your tour grows larger and larger the longer you talk because everyone can hear you as they are walking past. Nothing can beat summertime on Temple Square. This particular tour though we were able to do exactly what we had received training on a few weeks prior, the teaching skill is called AMPED which is an acronym for 6 different gospel principles and the idea is with large groups tours to share 'sneak-peaks' of all 6 gospel principles and then invite to learn more. With such big tours the needs of the people are all so different and so this helps us be able to meet so many different needs at the same time without the people feeling like they learned it all. That way they will be curious enough, and will have felt the spirit so by the end of the tour they have more questions. This flagpole tour went great and we were really able to touch an individual who actually doesn't really think that God's there. It was when we taught and testified about the Book of Mormon when he started really listening to us. At the end of the tour he came up to us and asked us a few questions and we gave him a Book of Mormon. We are going to continue teaching him and then when he makes it back home from his vacation we will be getting him in contact with the local missionaries. Heavenly Father is really good at what He does. I am so grateful He leads so many of His children to Temple Square because it is such an easy place for them to feel of His love. It's a little piece of heaven on earth.

Being with Sister Sommerfeldt has been a blast, we both were able to learn so much and see so many miracles happen with the people that we were teaching. A very sweet member who visits Temple Square often gave us a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory and so to celebrate our last days together we went and bought a slice of cheesecake. it was our snack while we finished watching the district videos that are part of the training program for new missionaries. 
So Monday we found out our new companions and assignments and then on Wednesday was transfer day. I'll admit I was more nervous for Sister Sommerfeldt's new companion then I was for my own. But luckily when it comes to the mission, Heaven's in charge of what happens. 

 So meet my new companion,

​ Sister Hara from Japan....she's actually the one behind me with the necklace.
She's the best. She has been out a little over three months and is excited to go go go. Our assignment is Guest Services again. President must think I'm really good with computers because he seems to keep putting me back in the basement with all the assignments that have to do with a computer. I'm not sure what Heavenly Father is trying to teach me but obviously I haven't learned it yet. It's good though, I have the opportunity to serve with some amazing sisters so it's all worth it.  (also been called as a District Leader)
The last few days we have been able to take a few Japanese far all I can say is my name in Japanese, and it's still not the greatest. But practice makes permanent. It's going to be a great transfer though, she has some great people who she has been teaching. I gave all of my investigators to Sister Sommerfeldt because I wanted to make sure she always had people to teach and so we are working on building our teaching pool back up. We're not too worried about it, Heavenly Father always provides things for us to do and people for us to teach. Just this morning actually we saw His handy work, our P-day schedule doesn't have any square time scheduled in because of our assignment but we do have a tiny it of Teaching Center time before our preparation day starts and so last night when we were planning we were both very determined to find a new investigator today. So with all the faith we could muster we prayed and asked God for a miracle today. Well, like I said God always provides, in the short time we were in the Teaching Center we received a chat from a individual who was given a pass along card. She didn't know a lot about the church, wasn't really religious herself, but she told us that she did believe in God. After some chatting back and forth we testified that God was real and that He can actually have a huge part in our lives if we let Him. We asked her if we could call her to tell her about how we came to know that this was true and to teach her how to can find out as well. She was super grateful and excited to hear from us soon. God is just too good to us :)
Well this upcoming week is going to be great! A lot of hard work and miracles ahead. 
I hope you all are staying cool, I'll admit I'm ready for fall to begin. :)
Thanks for always keeping me in your prayers. The work will continue to go forth!

Sister Fluckiger

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