Friday, August 28, 2015


(Hi! My name is Sister Fluckiger! and I'm from California!!)
I'll be fluent in Japanese before you all know it :)
This week has just flown by but it has been filled with many many miracles.We are teaching a lot of different individuals and we have been able to get a lot of them in contact with the missionaries this week. Yay! That's probably the biggest mountain that we have to get over with each individual that we meet - making them want to meet with local missionaries. One investigator that I have been teaching for a few months now is having a hard time getting in contact with the missionaries in her area, every week something new happens. Either the missionaries cancel or she cancels or they don't answer the phone. I'm sure everything you could think of has happened to delay her from meeting with the missionaries. This week when we called we reviewed the Plan of Salvation with her and we invited her to be baptized again and again she said yes! Only this time her response was "Why can't you just fly out to Jersey and baptize me...that would make all of this a whole lot easier." If only that could actually happen... All is well though, the work will continue to move forth and eventually she will meet up will the missionaries and be able to plan her baptismal service :)
I also received a letter in the mail from a recent convert, it was really sweet and it just made my day. There's always little things that just makes it all worth it and that was one of them. Then to add to that I was reading in the Book of Mormon this morning and I realized how important prayer and faith are- and that we can never see or know how things will turn out. I am reading in Alma again, all the great missionary chapters! I read about the conversion of the Anti-Nephi-Lehies, in Alma 23:6 is tells us that there conversion was so strong that "they never did fall away". That's the conversion and testimony that I want and that I want for everyone else in the world. Then it clicked for me that all of this was made possible because of the prayer that Alma the Elder prayed on behalf of his son and his friends (the sons of Mosiah). Mosiah 27:14 is the account of the angel visiting Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah all because of the prayer and faith the Alma the Elder had. From that point the domino effect rolls into motion. I'm so grateful for all those who include the work of missionaries in their prayers! Never stop praying, those prayers lead to families and communities being brought to the truth of the restored gospel! 

This week we were also able to attend Brighton's Camp for a few hours. I loved being up in the mountains again, it was like Girl's Camp all over again.

We were given these bright neon green shirts and on the back on them is a silhouette of the Temple and it says "Temple Square, Teaching All Nations" - there's never been a truer statement, except of course the statement that the Church is true!
Did I ever tell you that Utah is named after the Ute Indians? And that Ute means "top of the mountains" so we sang High on a Mountain Top and then our mission song Called to Serve. There's nothing like serving the Lord and our Brothers and Sisters in the 'top of the mountains'!
I love being a missionary on Temple Square, it's hard but that's why it's also the best. Yesterday I got a little piece of South Korea as I went on exchanges with a beautiful Sister in my district, Sister Bae

Which means I was able to take Korean tours and teach Korean lessons. Seriously how cool is my mission! Miracles are always happening when we go on exchanges and this time we were able to get a hold of one of their investigators and she was finally able to confirm her baptismal date with the local missionaries! Yay. Sister Hara then was able to get a hold of some of our investigators who have gone MIA over the last few weeks and committed them all to call the missionaries again and to go to church. God is really good at what He does, that's all I can say about it.
This upcoming week we have Mission Leadership Council which takes basically all day, and then I'll be going on exchanges a few more times which means I'll be traveling the world! I'll be going to Australia and possibly Columbia as well. Another busy week filled with preaching God's word.
I love you all and am grateful for your wonderful example and support!
-Sister Fluckiger

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