Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Spirit of the Temple

Hello Everyone!
Today was probably the first day of very cold weather! We haven't had any snow yet but we can see the snow in the's coming! 
So far we are surviving. We all have a feeling though that it's going to be a pretty cold winter. The sad part of the cold is that less people come and visit Temple Square. The good part it is that those who do come...must really want to be here :) 

Temple Square is a very special place, yes because of the temple but also because of the different experiences that result from people visiting. It seems to be a place of healing, resolving, and answering. People find a lot and experience a lot within the little 10 acre block where I, luckily, get to spend most of my time. This week was no different. There are many things that I love about being a missionary and it seems the last few weeks I have been asked that question a lot by other missionaries, "what do you like most about your mission?" I would have to say the privilege that it is to be able to witness God working in the lives of others. 

This week we had one particular miracle, we are scheduled to take a Flagpole tour once a week. However, I believe I have mentioned this before, our Tour is scheduled at the same time as the daily Organ Recital. So the odds of us actually having a tour is slim. This week though we were able to meet a really nice guy who was visiting Salt Lake for business. That day was his last day in the city and everyone had told him that he had to visit Temple Square before he flew home. Surprisingly he was very familiar with the church due to growing up with some member friends. He had even attended our church services a few times when he was in High School. As we were talking and teaching it was evident though, when it came to our doctrine, he didn't understand the differences between us and the Catholic church ( the church that he was raised with ). I remember taking him into the Assembly Hall where we taught and explained the Book of Mormon. There is always a certain light come into peoples eye when they get bit by Curious George. :) By the end of the tour we brought it all back to the Book of Mormon and explained how it was the "Keystone" of our religion - it's all or nothing and it's all based on the Book of Mormon. We gave him a copy to read and we have been able to text him over the past days as he has been reading the beginning parts of the Book of Mormon. Angels are always preparing the hearts of the children of God - we just have to have the faith to find them - or the faith that they will find us!
This week we were also able to meet one of the cutest families ever (not as cute as ours though)! We talked to them a few times because we were walking around the square and so were they so we just continued to bump into them. It was a family of 5, the three kids were all under the age of 8. Two boys and then then a darling 2 year old little girl. We ended up taking them to watch the God's Plan presentation. Throughout the presentation the little girl was just so darling with making little comments about the video. At the end we asked what everyone's favorite part was and she looked at us and says very loudly "I just like my family!" Families truly are the best. Afterwards as we were walking down the stairs with this family the little girl looked at me as asked me to hold her hand as we walked down the stairs together. So if you were wondering - in the North Visitor's Center we have 24 stairs :)

Halloween on Temple Square was so fun! The square closed at 5 and as a mission we all had dinner together. They brought us lasagna from Olive Garden! Yes I know we are spoiled! Then following dinner we all walked over to the Temple together and did a session. Probably one of the longest temple sessions I have ever and will ever do but it was wonderful! Temple on Halloween should be a new tradition. Now that it's November though, Sister Juntilla and I don't have a lot of action within the Beehive House - I've probably mentioned that a few times now but that's because it's true! The other day we sat in the Church Office for over an hour waiting for a tour....and during that time we decided to take some selifes with Brother Brigham.
​We look very scary in this photo...but you know back then you had to stand for hours for a photograph to be we were just trying to put ourselves in that time period. 

I love you all and I love being a missionary! Transfers is next week! I cannot even believe it. Sister Juntilla and I only have 6 more days of being companions. We are celebrating by inviting ourselves to all of the different district activities that our sisters are planning. We aren't technically part of a district and by technically I mean we aren't part of one at all. Which is sad so to make it better we just adopted ourselves into three different districts. It's going to be a great week! 

I love you all and I hope you are already making your list of what you are grateful for in preparation for Thanksgiving! I know that my list is already pretty long!
Sister Fluckiger

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