Monday, November 30, 2015

A Savior is Born!

Snow. Snow. Snow!
Now it's really beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The snow is falling, the lights are on and we are Christmas Caroling :)
I hope everyone was able to have a very special Thanksgiving. We had the blessing of going over and eating with a wonderful family who lives in the Ensign Peak Stake which is located right next door to Temple Square. It was lovely, Sister Nogueira and I went with Sister Brooks (California) and Sister Nevil (Texas). After Thanksgiving Lunch we came back to the square and worked. It was really cold that day but surprisingly there were a good amount of people on the square. 
Then, this Friday the Christmas lights turned on! Which means everyone and their kids came to Temple Square! Sister Nogueira and I had so much fun. Teaching the gospel is so fun! Doesn't matter what is going on, we are always able to find joy as we go out onto the square and testify of the Savior. Christmas is a very special time to be a missionary and I am so grateful that I get two Christmas'. Has everyone been able to see the new video: "A Savior is Born"? It's very different from the last videos that the church has put out but I have grown to love it because each time I watch it I am able to feel of the children's testimonies about the Savior. So I'm actually sure that you have all seen this new video - the question is have you actually seen the second video? They made two this year and the second one is the answer to the invitation to "discover why" the Savior was born. You can find the video on - it's animated so that's how you can know that it's the right one. I'm excited for all of you to watch it tonight for Family Home Evening and to discuss why the Savior needed to be born. I am so grateful that the Savior was born! That single event in history has changed my life. It has paved the way for everything and everyone. How neat is it that we are able to celebrate Christmas!
Other than the craziness and excitement of having the Christmas lights back on, Sister Nogueira and I have been prepping for some of the Christmas activities that we will be having as a mission and then organizing everything so that with the new year and also a new mission president everything will be clean and we will know what it is. haha, because we have been finding a lot of funny things in our office that has no purpose. It's funny to see what sisters leave behind when they finish their missions.
Other fun things that happened this week: 

​We had to try on sweatshirt per Sister Poulsen's request - we turned it into a photo shoot.

​I got stuck in a microwave box..... haha
Speaking of microwave - we don't have a photo of this but we wished we had one. Last Monday while we were on our Preparation Day, some sisters decided to pop popcorn in the microwave in our office.... ya our microwave might have caught on fire a little bit. When we arrived in the office the next day the entire mission office stunk like burnt popcorn and our microwave was completely black inside haha. So this microwave box came from a new microwave that Elder Moore brought us.

​And here's my companion in the microwave box :)

Then last but not least, Sister Nogueira and I always find so many things to laugh at :) With the lights on there are so many people on the square and sometimes funny things happen. Two days ago we were out on the square contacting families and we decided to head into the South VC to warm up a little bit. Well we were right outside the automatic doors and we could see a big family heading out the doors so we took a step to the side to let them out first. The daughter who was leading the way decided she wanted to jump out as the doors opened but sadly our automatic doors are so slow and lazy and never open when you want them to. So she has a pretty good jogging start and she jumps into the door but instead of the door opening all the way she hits the door with her shoulder and basically falls out the door instead of flying like we are sure she wanted too. I was just shocked to see all of this but my companion just started laughing haha which turned out to be a good thing because this (probably 15ish) girl just laughed too and then walked off like nothing happened.
Christmas time is fun. This week we were blessed with some more time to teach and focus on our investigators - they are all doing great! One of our investigators is 72 years old! She's from the VERY southern part of Georgia and she is just so funny to talk with. We have to go a little bit slower with her but she'll make it. The Lord is helping her :)
And that was my week! Tomorrow we are finishing up Zone Leader Reports, which is where we sit down with President and the zone leaders a zone at a time to discuss the sisters and their needs. Then Wednesday we will begin transfer planning. Crazy to think it's already time for that. 5 week transfers are just too fast - 7days really does make a big difference. 
I love you all and appreciate ya!
Thanks for always reading this silly letters!
Sister Fluckiger

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