Monday, November 23, 2015

The Lord Will Provide

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
The leaves have finally all fallen off the trees and now we are just waiting for it to snow :) President told us this morning that Wednesday is supposed to be a big snow day. So that should be excited. Sister Nogueira and I broke out our winter coats- they're not used that often. Besides walking to the Square in the morning and walking home at night we usually only get about 1 or 2 hours up on the Square these days. 
However the time that we do get to go up the Lord always provides a miracle! It's been a really neat week to see how He is so aware of our schedules, even when they are as crazy and demanding as ours.
So generally transfers are a period of 6 weeks within the mission. At the end of a transfers there is always a group of sisters who leave because they have completed their missions and then we always get a batch of fresh new missionaries from the MTC. The church doesn't like to send out missionaries the week of Christmas because it's hard to get flights and the end of this 6 week period would actually be the day before Christmas Eve so we are shortening it and instead having a 5 week transfer and then the following transfer will be 7 weeks to make up for it. Having 5 weeks means that we have 7 days less to plan everything for next transfer. So we have been doing our very best to stay on top of the different responsibilities we have and to even get a head if possible. 

So this week we did outbound planning. We calculated how many missionaries we currently have, how many are going home, and how many will be coming from the MTC. We then discussed how many missionaries we need in the mission for Christmas time. From that we come up with how many missionaries we can send to other missions. That was a great! Now we just have to wait until the Zone Leaders have their reports ready for us about the sisters on their zones and then we can start the process of what we call Transfer Planning! Which is basically pairing up all the companionships with President.

Another exciting thing that happened this transfer was Christmas Training! 
We will be getting new schedules this Friday because the lights will be turning on! I seriously am still having a hard time believing that it's been an entire year since the lights were on. Crazy! The square will not be open from 9am - 10pm which means we don't leave the square till 10 and won't get to bed until 11:30pm. This truly is the craziest mission in the world. We are so excited though. We received training on the new Christmas Initiative which will be "A Savior is Born". I testify that a Savior was born and that He lives today! On Friday the new Christmas video will be released and there is actually an invitation at the end to "Discover Why" - then there will also be a second video that is the answer to why the Savior was born. It is so special to know that God has a plan for each of us and at the center of that plan is our Savior Jesus Christ. I hope all of you can Discover the Savior this holiday season. 

With this Christmas Training we were able to assist President in announcing to the mission a new Mission Wide Goal. So far this year we, as a mission, have been able to help 800 of our Brothers and Sisters make the special promise of baptism with our Father. It's truly special to have the knowledge that there are so many more people who have the knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ because 200 sisters decided to serve the Lord for 18 months. Our Mission Goal is to continue working our very best, and strengthening our faith in Christ, and be able to help 100 more of our family members home to Him before the end of the year. This is our gift to them and our gift to the Savior.

​President Poulsen invited all the sisters who were willing to work their very hardest and to trust in the Savior completely to sign their name as commitment to the Lord.

You know the Lord's work would continue to move forward even if He didn't have missionaries. However, doing His work through missionaries helps the missionary become converted. I'm grateful I headed the prompting to serve a mission because I have become more converted because of it. The gospel is true!
And the Lord has been able to witness to us many times this week that we aren't doing anything - it's all Him. We really do only have about an hour a day up on the Square and it's usually a desk assignment in one of the visitor centers. He really does know our schedule. He brought us 3 different individuals who had questions and wanted to learn more about the Savior. Even better- they were the ones who walked up to us!
The Lord has people prepared for us, the question is if we have the eyes to see them.
The Church is true and the Book is blue.
Love you all!
Sister Fluckiger

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