Tuesday, January 19, 2016

God is Real!

My dear family!! 

This week has been probably one of the craziest weeks of my mission (I'm sure that I say that every week, but this time I mean it!)
First off, I apologize for not emailing yesterday. We had meetings with the new Mission President until 5:30pm and at that point there just isn't a point at having a preparation day, so now we are having it today! Yay.

You would be amazing at all that has happened within this week. It felt like a months worth of events were all crammed into a single week. it was also an up and down thing. This week we said goodbye to the wonderful Poulsens. I'm still in a little bit of denial that they are gone. I truly know that they were exactly what I needed for my mission. I also know that President and Sister Risenmay are exactly what the mission needs now and it's been a blessing to work with them the past few days. 

:) I don't know how President Poulsen put up with us for so long, but I sure appreciate it. 

Last week Sister Rajah and I drove down to the MTC for the day. I came full circle, started my mission at the MTC and now I had the opportunity to be sent back! It did feel weird going their again, that MTC smell...it's a real thing haha. The other funny thing was all the missionaries giving us these weird looks because we were walking around with these strange and different name tags :) For the most part we just pretended to be new missionaries again, we fit right in with everyone! 
The group tour that we gave went really well! Talk about stressful though. There's nothing like giving a tour to a bunch of mission presidents and visitor center directors AND all of the staff from the Visitor Center department of the Missionary Department. Thankfully it was the first time and the last time ever doing something like that. 

The blessing of being down in Provo for the day was getting to walk around the Provo Temple 

After surviving that task, the next one was to transition Mission Presidents. We said goodbye to President and Sister Poulsen Thursday night and Friday morning President and Sister Risenmay arrived bright and early. They are wonderful and are exactly what the mission needs at this time. It's kind of fun to be able to work so closely with two different Mission Presidents, a little bit crazy too. Our mission is so unique and there are just so many variables and it's been fun to try and help them all figure it out.  
Yesterday we were able to take them around to see all of the different centers and sites and show them all that we do here. They previously served in the Salt Lake City South Mission and they have shared with us how our mission is one of a kind :) 
Then we also welcomed three new wonderful sisters from the MTC this week! They were supposed to come on Transfer Day but have been living in the MTC for many many weeks, so we said we could just take them early. It's great to see new missionaries and to feel the fire that they have within them. Every time we are with President I always find myself volunteering to train again :) I say, a year and a half is just not long enough! 

Amidst all of this Sister Rajah and I have been able to see our Father taking care of our investigators. Sadly we weren't blessed with as much proselyting time but the time that we do have miracles just pop out at us left and right. One investigator finally got a hold of the locals, one was able to have the blessing of baptism, one was able to make it to church, and we were able to find many more. You get so much done as you serve on Temple Square, it blows my mind every time a week ends and we review all that has happened. The Lord sure does take care of us and His many other children. Last night after finishing our last meeting with President Risenmay we hit the square running! We were able to take a few texted out tours and place a few copies of the Book of Mormon. One sweet couple that we took around was from Texas and you could tell that their hearts were in the right place. As we were in the Tabernacle we were teaching the restoration and explaining to them the blessing of having a Prophet of the earth again today. I don't think I will ever get over how cool it is that we have a living, breathing, Prophet of God on the earth...today! As we were sharing this with this couple you could see the light of understanding come into their eyes. For a split second they got it! We brought up the Book of Mormon and explained that it was the 'fruit' that would allow them to know if the Prophet was true. They told us that they would read it on their plane home. That's another blessing of serving in a place where everyone is visiting because almost everyone has to get home somehow and it usually takes some time - the perfect time to read! 

I love being a missionary and I love being on Temple Square.  It's been warmer recently, all the snow is gone and the sun has come out. The next few weeks are going to be a lot of fun as we continue to teach repentance and baptize converts! 

Oh and here is a picture of my companion in a box:

​Sometimes when we are bored we hide in boxes and jump out at people. President Hinckley always said that "Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured" 

Love you all!!

-Sister Fluckiger

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