Monday, January 11, 2016

Work Work Work!!!

Hi Everyone!!

The sun is shining here in Utah and the sky is a beautiful blue! Now that is just a plus to the wonderful work that has been happening on the square! 
President has been taking the time to do a lot of interviews for the sisters that are going home and then he also started cleaning out his office, which means more proselyting time for us! 
I'll admit, over the last two transfers I've found myself sometimes getting caught up in the list of things we must do everyday that it clouds the real reason that I am here. Being able to be out and about, contacting, finding, and teaching our investigators was a real treat. It's definitely the best part about missionary work. Sister Rajah and I have probably even had too much fun with all of it :) (if there is such a thing as "too much fun"). 
The Lord provided us with a lot of miracles which was wonderful. One of our investigators in California is planning on being baptized soon but the last two weeks we hadn't been able to get a hold of her. Which usually doesn't worry us too much since they have the locals but we were a tiny bit worried because the last time we had talked with her she was able to share with us a few of her concerns and we realized that she hadn't been reading the Book of Mormon in a while because the locals were having her focus on the lesson pamphlets. It's never a good sign when investigators aren't reading the Book of Mormon... the miracle was, after many many days of pray and fasting, Saturday night during our Weekly Planning session we received a text from her explaining why she hadn't been in touch. She had some hard things happen within her family, but the last sentence in her text was: "I am reading the Book of Mormon, it's helped me. I still have a lot to learn but I'm going to do it" 

I sure do love that book :) 
It's funny, we also took a tour of a family from Atlanta (I love taking people around from the south!) and it ended up being a really nice experience. They weren't too interested in finding out if our church could benefit them in anyway, they were more interested in trying to figure out what makes us tick and why we would do something as crazy as serve a full time mission and not get paid for it. I made a comment to the mom in the middle of it that no missionary in the world would give up so much time and money to leave their home and go knock on strangers' doors all day long everyday. By the end of the tour she took my arm and looked me straight in the eye and asked me: "and you really believe this?" I don't know if this is accurate or not, but I think in most cases it's human nature to automatically doubt when you are questioned like that. For me, I feel like it just strengthens me because I always have the spirit witness to me in that moment that I am right. That this really is His church. I wish everyone could know that now. Eventually everyone will of course, I guess I'm still waiting on the patience thing :) 

Something fun that we did this week was following Relief Society my MTC class went and took photos with President and Sister Poulsen. Elder Moore even let me use his fancy, expensive (I even asked's more expensive than me!), and very heavy camera. After taking only 3 photos my arms were tired. And I thought I was in pretty good shape again. I don't know how photographers do it. 

​The old MTC gang is back together! (we are missing a few...but they ditched out early)

​Two of my favorite people! President and Sister Poulsen spoke in Sacrament meeting yesterday. Both shared wonderful testimonies. They are sure going to be missed! The work will continue to move forward though! I am excited for the opportunity to learn from President and Sister Risenmay, all that we have heard has been wonderful things!

Oh and the funny thing of the week, we have an investigator who is in Nigeria, he is a favorite of mine. We met him online so he knows us by our first names, but Sister Rajah has decided that I need to officially change my name. Every time we call he always raps to us, and then asks "where is Alizzzaaa??!" Somehow that also led to all of our other African investigators calling me that. It's hard not to laugh during every lesson. Teaching all nations is such a blast! It's neat to be able to see the gospel go into so many parts of the world. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's a one size fits all!

Love you all lots!!

-Sister Fluckiger

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