Monday, January 25, 2016

I Feel My Savior's Love

G'Day Family! 
Tomorrow is Australian Day and so in behalf of my lovely companion I hope you do something Aussie. (I don't know what that would entail but I'm sure you can figure something out :))

This week sure was filled with tender mercies from the Lord. Sister Rajah and I have been praying to be able to have the eyes to notice those little miracles or instances when God touches our lives.
I remember Sister Clayton, wife of Elder Clayton coming to our Sacrament and speaking to us and sharing that we must have the eyes to see and the hearts to remember those instances. When everything you do is focused on moving the Lord's work forward it really is amazing to see all that He does for you. 
This week He has led us to some wonderful people who have been able to strengthen us as we have taught and testified. The Lord really His mindful of His children :) What a glorious truth. 

Helping adjust President and Sister Risenmay to the mission has been fun. They are both great. Sister Risenmay is so lively and always comes into our office just to 'chat' haha. It catches us off guard most times because we always assume that she has something for us to do or wants us to know about something when in reality she just wanted to say hi :) It's cute, I think she's having a blast being in a mission with all girls. They are both going to wonderful things for the mission. 
Tomorrow we start transfer planning! Crazy that it's already here, President hasn't wanted to start until he finished interviewing every single sister which has pushed us back so we get to start and finish this week. Hopefully it works out that way! 

Tuesday we had the worldwide Missionary Broadcast in the Conference Center Theater and apparently it was the first one in about a decade. We were blessed to be able to attend and we recieved training from Elder Anderson, Elder Oaks, and then some from the Missionary Department and some of the Seventies. It was a wonderful experience and we have been trying to apply a lot of it into the mission. The work sure is hastening!

Sister Rajah helps keep me sane amidst all of the many different things that we have been doing. We sure do have a lot of fun together! Sometimes too much fun, it's that's possible.

I also cut her hair this week! And it actually looks good! I've been telling all the sisters that I'm secretly a professional :) All the things that you get to do while serving a mission. 

Hey I love you all! This Sunday my MTC class will be doing the special musical number during Sacrament Meeting. It's bit of a tradition. We will be singing the 3rd and 4th verse of "I Feel My Savior's Love" which I think mostly goes unnoticed. Sister Desjourdy and I found it when they said we should sing this song so we requested to sing those verses. :) It's simply my testimony of my mission. 

3. I feel my Savior's love
And know that he will bless me.
I offer him my heart;
My shepherd he will be.
He knows I will follow him,
Give all my life to him.
I feel my Savior's love,
The love he freely gives me.

4. I'll share my Savior's love
By serving others freely.
In serving I am blessed.
In giving I receive.
He knows I have followed him,
Given all my life to him.
I feel my Savior's love, 
By serving others freely.

Hope you have a wonderful week! Love you all!

Sister Fluckiger 

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  1. Way to finish strong Sister Fluckiger! Have an awesome week!