Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Lion of the Lord

Hey Y'all!

So yes, I am still saying y'all and it's really funny. People will always ask me where I am from and when I say California they always look at me funny and ask why I talk like I'm from the south. Oh Georgia.
And then it gets better because my companion says 'Eh'. Oh Canada :)
It's been another glorious week on beautiful Temple Square. I still love being back and we are just busy working and talking with everyone! It's even cooler because I have an international companion, I'm sure I've said this before but so many more people actually want to talk with you. It's absolutely the best. And I've learned that Canadians all know each other basically, or know of each other. I have a pretty famous companion.
Oh and funny thing that happened this week, we were on desk in the South Visitor's Center and this cute family walked past. I said hello and tried to start a conversation but sometimes people just don't want to talk and that's okay. Anyways they just walk out the door after saying hello, but then the dad stops turns around and looks at me through the automatic doors and then walks back in. He asked me my name and then begins to pull out his driver's license and hands it to me...I'll admit I was thinking this was a bit odd.... Well turns out that he was a Fluckiger. And because I am such a handy person I actually had my family tree on me. He didn't recognize any of the names so we are probably like 16th cousins or something crazy like that. Temple Square makes the world a very small place.
We have been spending a lot of our time in the Beehive House. It's the coolest.

“'Mormonism' has made me all I am; and the grace, the power, and the wisdom of God will make me all that I ever will be, either in time or in eternity.” -Brigham Young
Brigham Young is such a cool guy! I mean he was having Family Home Evening every night 60 years before Family Home Evening was even instituted. Talk about cool!
We have been able to have some neat experiences as we have served there. It's always different and we always try to make it fun while also having it very spiritual. It's great. We also were able to serve there on his birthday! June 1st 1801 Brigham Young was born. On one of our tours we told them that it was his birthday that day and they just looked at each other and was like "how cool is it that we came today" and then they looked at us and ask "are you doing anything for his birthday? can we take part in it?" So if you want to wish Brigham Young a happy Birthday-now is the time.
We also have two jokes that we like to share, and it's really funny, sometimes the people will laugh really loud or they will just look at us and we will hear crickets in the background. Oh the life of a Temple Square Missionary :)
The rest of the week should be interesting. The Square is being closed down for Elder Perrys funeral this weekend. It's been interesting to be here in SLC while that is going on. How wonderful it is that we have the knowledge of what happens after this life. Sister Sommerfeldt and I were talking about it the other day, wondering what Elder Perry is doing right now. Well we don't need to wonder, we figured it out pretty fast. He's doing just what he did while he was here, preaching the gospel! :)

I love you all!
I know that we belong to the coolest and truest church on the Earth.
-Sister Fluckiger
P.S. A hippo can eat from 80 to 150 pounds of grass in one night.

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