Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Let's Remember the Wonderful!

Well, another week has come and gone.
Each day is just so jammed pack that it's hard for me to separate what happens when. (Or is that just a sign of old age?)

Well lots has happened this week! There is always opportunities to do missionary work every day so we stay really busy. Something fun though that we have been asked to do this transfer is to help with the Visitor Center training at the MTC, so every week we get to take a group of sisters who will be serving at a visitor center around on a tour of Temple Square. We get to give them the 'guest experience' so that they can have a vision of what a Visitor Center Sister really does. This week we were able to take about 5 Sisters who will be going to the Hawaii VC and the Mesa, Arizona VC. It was great. These tours are always so spiritual because these missionaries have just had a crazy week of MTC training and are all on a spiritual high and they usually all have mixed emotions about the next year and a half of their life. I remember being in the MTC and experiencing all of that, and Sister Sommerfeldt and I pray so hard so that we can be that instrument in helping these sisters be excited for their missions and have any fears just washed away. It's fun, I love being around missionaries, it's just a lot of fun :)

We also had a wonderful miracle in our area, the local missionaries for one of our investigators made contact in less than a week! Really, that's how it's supposed to be but it just never happens and so when we called our investigator and he told us that the missionaries stopped by and gave him the Book of Mormon I was just so taken aback. And now he has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and he is so excited to attend church and be baptized. Hearts are being prepared for the restored gospel right now as we are sitting around at these computers. There is always work to be done. 

Elder and Sister Clayton of the seventy paid our mission a visit and actually came to speak in our sacrament meeting. It was great. I loved Sister Clayton's testimony. She talked about "having the eyes to see the wonderful and the heart to remember". She also shared a letter that she received from a sister missionary. The sister shared how before her mission people would always tell her that missions were hard, but when she asked why she would only get the answer "they just are" and so when she went on her mission she decided she wasn't going to be one of those people and so she actually made and kept a list of why missions were hard. She shared some of the reasons that missions were hard and it made us all chuckle because she's right. Missions are hard for a lot of reasons, a lot that probably wouldn't make any sense to people who haven't had a chance yet to serve a mission-like the struggle of texting on the brick of a phone that we have. 
But then she went on to share about why missions are wonderful and missions truly are wonderful. It's wonderful to see the light of the gospel come into a family. It's wonderful when you realize the scripture you studied that morning is just what this individual needs. It's wonderful to hear the water running in the baptismal font. It's wonderful to testify each and everyday of a living Prophet. It's wonderful to be able to represent the Savior and to teach His gospel. 

We also were able to take our lovely Zone Leaders, Sister Ryan (Australia) and Sister Orndal (England) around on a tour so that they could see how our teaching was. (See above photo) 
This is actually something that every new sister and trainer has to do and depending on how you are doing you either do it again or you 'pass off' and get to have a free meal at the Lion's House!
And guess what! We passed off! Woo Hoo! Sister Sommerfeldt did amazing and it was so fun. Now we get to go and feast this week as soon as we get our little certificate from the APs. 

Today for our P-day we are actually going to explore a little of Salt Lake City with Sister Ryan & Orndal! Sister Sommerfeldt and I are going to be pro tourists by the end of our time together :D

Well I love you all!

The Church is true and I know that you know it too!

-Sister Fluckiger

P.S. Herons and other water birds land on hippos in the water as though they were rocks or tiny islands. 

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