Wednesday, June 10, 2015

O Canada, O Canada

So funny enough, Sister Sommerfeldt and Sister Mahoney have been singing their national anthem which means..... their national anthem has been stuck in my head all week. Oh Canadians, you gotta love them :) I'll let you know when I start saying "eh" at the end of all my phrases.
This week though has been filled with miracles. Since starting this transfer with me coming from Georgia and my sweet companion coming from the MTC our teaching pool was a little bit nonexistent...well more like a lot. But the Lord always makes things work out and that's exactly what He did. We were able to get a hold of a lot of investigators that I taught at the beginning of my mission who somehow got lost for one reason or another, well they are all back on the train and excited to keep learning. We also got to meet a lot of neat people on the square this week. So we are still working hard and finding lots of people to teach.
Something that our zone is doing this transfer is sending out #Mimo texts to everyone :). Mimo stands for 'Miracle Moment", so whenever something exciting or funny happens we send out a text to our zone so we can all celebrate together. Here are some that we have sent this week:
June 4th :
Took a family around from New Zealand. Felt the spirit and referred. #onetruechurch
June 7th:
Called a former. Has baptismal date for June 26th. #localmissionariesdidn'tgiveup #thanks
June 8th:
Talked with a couple. They left and then came back asking for a Book of Mormon. Referred and then we found out they were siblings. #awkwardbutBOMistrue
It's been a lot of fun, and it keeps us motivated about the work. And it's neat, we have learned that when we expect miracles to happen and we do our part... they happen. It's the best.
Here's some photos:

Me and my lovely companion in front of the Beehive it's not raining...we are just weird.

​​Oh we also participated in 'High School Musical' today.
We're cool.
It only lets me send 2 in one more are to come :)
Love you all!!!
-Sister Fluckiger
P.S. Hippos have almost no hair on their bodies, and their skin can be one to two inches thick

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