Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Top of the Mountain

Howdy Ya'll!
First off, thank you everyone for helping make my birthday the best! Sister Sommerfeldt and I had a wonderful day. Everyone always says that birthdays on the mission are the best. They were right!
It started with Sister Sommerfeldt getting up a few minutes before me and decorating our apartment and then she jumped me when I walked out of our room. Talk about making sure that I was awake. And then the rest of the day was filled with littler missionary miracles and sisters giving us lots of sweets and goodies. Sister Sommerfeldt was so excited about it being my birthday that she felt the need to tell everyone! I mean everyone. We were even talking with guests on the square and somehow she found a way to mention it in our conversation. So I'm sure that the entire square knew that it was my birthday. Haha

This week though was filled with lots of working and lots of fun as well. I vaguely remember one of the apostles saying that 'it's not missionary work it's missionary fun!' and that's how I feel about it. We have really been focusing on talking with everyone and making sure that everyone who comes to Temple Square feels of the spirit and the sacredness of our wonderful home.
Actually, ready for some fun numbers. We did a little math this week as well. So we take on average about 50 tours a week, some weeks are a lot more and some are a little less. But generally it is usually 50. a sister missionary our mission is about 78 weeks long and we estimated that you could probably average out the tours with 2 individuals per tour. Which means that on Temple Square we take about  7,800 people around on a tour over the course of our mission. That's 7800 people we share our testimonies with! Crazy right? That's more than how many people will fit into the Tabernacle and the Assembly Hall combined. And really that number is probably a lot bigger because of all the motorcoaches (aka, bus tours of 40 people) we take during the summer. Our mission is so cool.
Okay enough with the math. Besides working our butts off with inviting other to come closer to our Savior we also took some time to explore so that Sister Sommerfeldt is more familiar with the resources that we are given on Temple Square. So we had a tour of the Conference Center and it was really cool. It's always a little bit odd being the tourist instead of the missionary. But it was fun. We learned a lot about how it was built. You could easily relate how people reacted to President Hinckley wanting to build the Conference Center to how people reacted to Brigham Young wanting to build the Tabernacle into what it is today. (Do you like how I always find a way to bring up Brigham Young in my emails.)
Also I have to share about what we did for P-day today! We went hiking! I haven't been hiking for probably more than a year! We went up to some mountain behind Utah University, we learned that we are all out of shape. We trying to hike up to a place called the "Living Room". Apparently it's some rocks that are in the formation of chair and it looks like a living room. We actually didn't make it to the top though. We ran out of time and had to head back home so we had the car back in time for the next sisters. But it was fun, hot and beautiful.

It's fun to be serving 'in the top of the mountains...' where all nations flow unto. Being on Temple Square we get to see the light come into the eyes of others as they feel and learn that God has not ceased speaking to His children and He has not ceased calling Prophets. There are so many people in the world who are waiting to find the restored gospel, and how neat is it that many of them come and wander onto Temple Square. We were able to meet a few individuals this week who shared with us their story about how they come to have faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. Angels are preparing the hearts of so many. One individual in particular, it was evident that he was able to have different experiences in his life because he was being prepared to receive the restored gospel. And now he is reading the Book of Mormon and going to meet with missionaries.
The church is true and the sky is blue!
-Sister Fluckiger
P.S. "Hippo" is a nickname for the Greek word "hippopotamus" which means "river horse"

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