Sunday, September 20, 2015

Helaman 5:11

Happy Friday Everyone!
Missionary work is a lot of fun - it's also a lot of work - it's also very rewarding. So really the picture is: I'm having fun, I'm very tired, yet very blessed. Everyday is just a whirlwind of exciting things. 

This is my current zone! Last p-day we went to a place called Gilgal Garden - a really cool mormon rock garden basically. Well we were all so tired so after taking this photo we all ended up just sitting around the picnic tables eating food. It was fun though! This was also probably the last day of good weather, it's starting to get colder here so Temple Square has unpacked the boots and sweaters. Yay! (well maybe not yay, every day Utah locals are telling me that this is going to be one of the colder winters) I survived one winter, I can do another right?!
The work is continuing to push forward. This week the leaders in the mission received training from the missionary department on how we can be more effective missionaries. "The Lord is hastening His work...which means we must hasten as well or else we will get left behind." I don't know about you but I don't want to be left behind, especially not in this exciting work! The training was on how we can better help members do their own missionary work and how we can get our guests and investigators excited about meeting with local missionaries. It was a perfect training, exactly what our mission needed. 
Because of the training, Sister Hara and I were able to see a lot of miracles happen as we did our best to apply what I had been learning in the various meetings. Yesterday we had the opportunity to take a scheduled Japanese tour, it was a guy who has been living in America for the past month learning English. His English was very good which made it a lot easier for Sister Hara with the translating. Since he has been in America he has actually already attended church twice and starting praying. Wonderful! We talked a lot about what church means and why we go since he didn't understand a lot from the times that he attended. At the end of the tour we were sitting up by the Christus Statue, there was almost no one else up there so it was nice and quite. We taught and testified about baptism and how he could come closer to God. I'll admit I had one of those moments (this actually rarely happens) when I took a step back in the middle of the conversation with this child of God and I realized what I was doing - I was testifying of the one thing that has truly brought the most peace, the most happiness, and the most understanding into my life, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love being a missionary but I'll admit that sometimes I still can't believe that I am actually a missionary. Deciding to serve a mission is so far the best decision that I've ever made. Well, I guess it's second to the decision I made to come to earth with all of you wonderful people. :)
Our Japanese friend will be returning to Japan next week and he will be meeting with the local missionaries and going to church! Miracles every day!
Aside from being on the square and walking around in circles we also spent a lot of time on the phones teaching our investigators. One investigator in particular hadn't answered the phone for a little bit, but this week she answered! I met her maybe like 3 weeks ago, she called in because her member friend told her about the church. Yay for member missionary work! Well when we talked with her we found out that she went to church the next day after I first spoke with her and invited her. I'll admit I just love it when investigators just show up at church with no warning, I'm sure the Elders who were there were just as grateful as I was :) She has also been able to meet with the missionaries and she has introduced them to her entire family! It's always the best when God leads someone to you, you lead them to the missionaries and then they lead the missionaries to their family. God just has a wonderful plan for each of His children! As we talked with her we re-explained the Book of Mormon and re-invited her to read and pray about it. She expressed to us that she knew that this is what her family needs to get closer to God. I know that she is right.

You better all have a great weekend! I hope you all can see the angels in your life that God has given you :) I have many in mine!
Love you all!
Sister Fluckiger 

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