Friday, September 25, 2015

General Conference Fever

Konichiwa Family! 

Another week has flown by and each day I am getting more and more excited about General Conference! I hope all of you are just as excited as I am! 

I've even been working on my conference talk...just kidding...I'm too small for this big pulpit ;)

The last few weeks I have had a lot of meetings and different trainings that I had to attend which really cut back on our proselyting time, and this week we also had lots of different activities and meetings planned. I was determined though at the beginning of the week that we were going to be able to reach the standard of 50 tours a week. The week isn't over quite yet but the Lord has been very merciful to us. This week we have had very little time on the square but the Lord blessed us so much and we were able to meet so many wonderful people and be able to have some great converting lessons on the square with those that we met and found a lot who were interested in learning more about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! Nothing is better than being a representative for Jesus Christ! 
One particular person we found just walked into the Visitor Center. She was visiting from Germany and she had been an exchange student in Utah about 5 years ago and just came back to visit. She shared with us that she had actually gone to church and met with the missionaries 5 years ago when she was here but when she went back to Germany she lost contact with them. This transfer I was blessed with a wonderful companion and she was able to get her interested in meeting with missionaries and attending the church again. We were assigned to a desk in the South Visitor Center when she came in so a lot of crazy things were happening during this conversation so I had to leave to help some other guests but Sister Hara followed the Spirit and was able to teach exactly what this lady needed. I love that the Lord always knows exactly where we are and then when He leads one of His prepared children to us He gives us the words that we need to say. We are just never alone in this work thankfully! :) 

A lot of other exciting things have happened this week, for one we were able to get a hold of the ward mission leader in the ward that one of our investigators is attending. This truly was a miracle because I have been teaching her since November...that's a long time! And right about when I went outbound she lost contact with the local missionaries that were teaching her because they were transferred and ever since the missionaries have never visited her. It has been quite a struggle for me since there is really no more that we can do besides keep sending and resending the referral. It can get a little discouraging sometimes. Well the past few weeks we received permission to call the congregation phone and try to get a hold of the ward clerk so we can get in touch with the Ward Mission Leader - calling a phone that no one ever answers is sometimes just the worst! The Lord always comes through though and yesterday we were able to have a conversation with the Ward Mission Leader and he said that he would send the local missionaries over that night! Yay! We are excited to start seeing some progression now that our investigator will have that support from the local missionaries! 

I just love it when a plan comes together! 

Well I've been out long enough so I'm sure that you've noticed but serving on Temple Square has it's perks sometimes. The Church History Museum has been closed the last year, they closed it right after the October Conference and they will finally be opening it again this Wednesday! Yay! This past Wednesday they allowed the sister missionaries from Temple Square to tour the museum so we could know what it contained. Yep it's basically the coolest thing now. The church is so missionary focused and so the Museum is now totally centered on non-members learning about the Restoration and the history of the church leading up to when they left for the Salt Lake Valley. It's the best, so if anyone is coming out for General Conference you need to put the Church History Museum on the list of: Things to do while in Salt Lake City.

It's so hard being able to put everything that happened within one week into this little letter. I have such a testimony that the Lord is hastening His work. Sister Hara and I are continuing to teach a lot of Japanese people and it's been wonderful. We are teaching one girl in particular who is just the cutest! She did an exchange in Utah which is how she met Sister Hara and so she knows a little English but at the end of every lesson she always tells me 'thank you' in English and then I tell her 'thank you' in Japanese. I have been keeping a list of the different things that I have learned since I have been out on my mission and one thing that I continue to learn each and every day is that we are ALL children of God and we ALL mean everything to Him. It's just wonderful. 

This is my amazing district that I have served with the past 6 weeks! Tonight we are hiking Ensign Peak to celebrate the wonderful miracles that have happened as we have served together. 

I love you all so very much but God loves you oh so much more! 

-Sister Fluckiger

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