Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Secrets on Temple Square

Hello Everybody who actually reads these letters... :)
The days continue to pass by way faster than I can even imagine. I feel like it was just yesterday that Sister Hara and I became companions. Crazy.
Lots has happened this week. I was able to attend the Women's session of General Conference and it was great. I love being able to be in the Conference Center with the wonderful and inspired leaders of our church. We were also given the opportunity again to attend Elder Scott's funeral that was help in the Tabernacle. That too was a wonderful experience - being able to hear the testimonies of others that the Lord still calls Prophets and Apostles. This weekend is going to be an exciting weekend as people come from all over the world to hear the word of God spoken through the mouth of the Prophets. It's going to be awesome! One of the most exciting weekends on Temple Square!
Speaking of conference, this week Sister Hara and I have been working on a Top Secret project for the assistants to help prepare the sisters for this Conference Weekend. Tomorrow we have Relief Society and the lesson will be a "Pump-Up for Conference". It's going to be great! We actually had some of the senior couples going around on the square asking and filming members what their expectations are for us this conference weekend. It's been a crazy week putting everything today but today we had our last song practice (yes we will be singing as part as our training) and it's going to be great. We are putting on an entire show for the sisters tomorrow. You know in a weird way this mission is exactly like Girl's Camp when we are not on the square - we just do the same quirky things. In a way though our outcomes are different. The outcome we want for this meeting is to have the sisters understand the role that members play in regards to missionary work. They play a huge role and we want to be able to help them understand how they can help the members do their own missionary work. We as members need to be helped and uplifted just as much as any other guest that walks onto Temple Square. 
I love General Conference and I love being a missionary during this time because the Lord allows us to witness so many miracles, not just with the members that come but also with the random guests that come to Temple Square just to figure out what all the commotion is about. The Lord always has a way to lead His children home, whether it's from having missionaries knocking on doors or by having all the streets in Salt Lake City backed up because everyone is trying to attend Conference - there is just always a way.
Another exciting thing happened this week and that was transfers! Monday morning we met at 7am outside the Church History Museum ( the square was closed due to the Funeral so we weren't allowed to us it like we normally do ) and our new companions and assignments were announced. We then met we inside the museum in a theater that they had to hear from President and the departing sisters. While President was talking with us he mentioned that he wanted the mission to focus on the Book of Mormon in this new transfer. He attended a Mission President's Seminar a few weeks ago and they talked a lot about making sure our investigators and converts are converted to the Book of Mormon. Well the only way to make sure that happens is if the missionaries are converted. I'm excited because I recently just finished the Book of Mormon and I'm excited to start it over again with the mission. This is the "Keystone Transfer". I've always been determined to make sure that all my investigators are reading from the Book of Mormon because really everything can be solved within those pages. It's the 'one size fits all' idea - the Book of Mormon, when read with the Spirit, truly can solve, uplift, heal, and mend any problem or situation that we might find ourselves in.
Speaking of investigators I am currently teaching one of the sweetest mothers. She has been to church a few times and is now meeting often with the local missionaries and is loving what they are sharing with her. They gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon but she soon asked for more and now each member of her family, even her sister and her family, all have their own individual copy of the Book of Mormon. 
I love serving where I am. I may not completely understand the purposes of the Lord but I know that I was sent to serve here on Temple Square for many different reasons and it's been great! We have the opportunity to talk with just so many people and to help them understand a little bit more and experience what the love of God is. We also get to testify to them that God still speaks to His children. On Monday Sister Hara and I took a tour of about 20 different individuals and were able to testify of Prophets and explain General Conference. Many of them had lots of questions and a few even wanted to know how they could participate in or watch General Conference. What a blessing that General Conference is broadcast, it just allows so many more people to listen in and gain a witness from the Spirit that God has a Prophet on the earth today.
Oh and I did get a new companion.... isn't she great :) Her name is Sister Juntilla...can you guess where she is from?
She is from the Philippines! We have both been serving for a good amount of time and have been able to serve pretty closely together actually. We were roommates for 3 months while I was with Sister Sommerfeldt. I am so excited to be serving with her this transfer and we are assigned to the Beehive. Yay!
I love doing what I'm doing and I'm grateful for all of your support and prayers in our behalf.
Love you all!

Sister Fluckige

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